5 Best Makeup Primer To Use


Face primers is a cosmetic product that is used to apply a base coat to the skin on which you can apply foundation and other layers of makeup. It is effective in covering up flaws on the surface of your skin, thus giving you a smooth canvas on which you can achieve the desired makeup effect. Primers are available in a variety of forms and the latest types come with easy-to-use applicators, thus making way for quick application that gives a smooth result. There are many makeup primer brands available in the market.

Here is a look at the five best makeup primer products that you can consider.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay face primer is easy-to-apply and you just have to take a small amount to start working with it. Once applied it will instantly cover skin pores, smooth out skin and give a tighter appearance to the face. You can get the perfect matte finish and the needle-nose tip allows you squeeze exactly amount of primer needed onto the skin. It’s versatile enough to be used with any type of foundation, moisturizer or powder.

Victoria’s Secret Makeup

Victoria’s Secret Makeup face primer with setting spray offers a quality finish. Apply it with confidence to cover up skin discoloration and pores to gain that absolutely flawless skin. After application, your skin looks fresh and youthful. Loved by makeup artists because of its additional setting spray advantage, this primer is the one to choose if you are going to a celebration party, an important business meeting, etc, where your glamorous presence is much awaited.


The Du Wop face primer is available in the form of a pressed powder compact which is enriched with various elements like zinc, magnesium and mica thus resembling the feel of mineral makeup products. The primer has an ingredient called Laricyl, which is a mushroom extract that removes the presence of skin pores. The powder is offered in compact form with mirror and application brush. The finish gives a flawless skin, with no wrinkles or lines and with a smooth, lasting finish.


Their face primer is available in the form of a tube thus offering easy application. It’s perfect for covering dark spots and removing skin flaws, thus making way for a smooth and even skin surface on which you can apply foundation. It has the ability to fade the appearance of acne marks, improve skin radiance, remove fine lines and pores on the skin, giving out a flawless base on which you can work up your makeup regimen. The clinically proven formula in this primer shows best results in just four weeks of usage.


They offer primers in a variety of forms such as compressed powder form, lotion form, pen highlighter form, thus giving a versatile choice on mode of application. You should select a form depending on what kind of a base you want for application of foundation and other layers of makeup, which make be light, thick etc. The results of applying any of their face primer products is a smooth and even skin tone, that glows naturally and which does not have any pores or skin spots.



  1. We talking abt primers or concealers? All primers do are make the skin a smoother canvas to apply one’s foundation, prevent the makeup from getting into the crease lines of the face and allow the makeup last longer. Does not cover flaws, need a concealer for dat and does not set the makeup, need a setting powder or spray for dat!


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