10 Shoes Every Party Girl Must Have


“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”

-Christian Louboutin

If you are a girl who is particular about matching your footsteps with the tune of music in parties then you must know that shoes are equally important as the dress. The perfect pair of shoes marks your unique presence in public and can make you feel like a queen.

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To make any occasion special with the ideal pair of shoes that sooth your feet, here is a list of top 10 shoes that you must have as a party girl:

  • Tie-ups: Tie-ups are also known as leather miniskirts with heels. These fabulous shoes offer a sexy look in parties. Tie-ups have laces to tie up and render a feminine touch to the shoes. It is best paired with calf length dresses and short skirts.
  • Black Heels: Every party girl usually has this type of footwear in her collection. A black heel shoe with average heel width is something you can wear without thinking too much about what to pair it with as it usually goes with most of the party dresses like 2 piece prom dresses 2022. However, if you pair it with pencil skirts, pants and dresses, it will tender a more tempting look.
  • Wedges: This is a great option for those who can’t manage heels. If you want to add height to your appearance then you must choose these shoes. Wedges match best with jeans and maxi skirts.
  • Red Pumps: These red pumps offer a hot look, especially when worn with a black dress, and can grab anyone’s attention in a party. Even with dark blue or white shades, you may choose these shoes to look great. However, you must avoid wearing it with low-necked jeans.
  • Crystal Pumps: To add that extra dose of glamour to your look, you may go for crystal pumps. You may match it with tour formal trousers, gowns and even blouses with solid colors. The crystal pumps will immediately catch the attention of partygoers and you will find yourself being the topic of their discussions!
  • Neon Heels: Wearing sparkling colors to a party is a trend. And you can add color to your party ensemble, by picking these neon heels. Neon heels come in various radiant colors. You can wear them with denims and jumpsuits.
image credit: wheretogetit.com
image credit: wheretogetit.com
  • Spiked Platforms: If you are going to a party where there is no conservative setting, you may wear metallic shoes that come in varied pattern studs. These shoes will certainly provide you a rockstar look and you may match it with a leather jacket, plain jeans and black top.
  • Leopard Print Heels: This will provide you a look that you generally do not see. It is totally apart from the stereotypical party shoes. You can pair it with simple shirts, denims and even with the black trousers.
  • Ankle Booties: You can wrap around the ankle booties, which can provide your feet some relaxation. These booties leave some portion of the legs uncovered as well. You can wear these booties in winters with skinny jeans, dresses and top.


  • Nude Flats: Many girls find it difficult to maintain their balance in heels. For long parties, heels may become a bit troublesome to carry. In such instances, you may opt for nude flats. The best part is that if you have nude flats with nude colors, you may wear them with any outfit. However, it goes best with blouse and blue denims.

You may select any of the above-mentioned fashionable shoes for girls for your next bash with your friends or family. Remember that your footwear is a significant element that can ruin or enhance your overall presence depending upon how carefully you have chosen it!


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