Love Like a Movie Concert! Who Wore it Best and Worst?



Best Dressed (female) – Muna

She looks so stunning in her metallic shimmer evening dress. Her hair is beautifully layed from the color to the slight waves, and her makeup is ever flawless. She is definitely my favorite of the night.


Vonne Vixen0Vonne Vixen

Best Dressed (female) – Vonne Vixen

Va Va VOOM!! This lady is fierce!! Little black dress accessorized perfectly, head gear on point, faux fur dey there and her makeup is exquisite.

Tee A

Best Dressed (male) – Tee A

Now this black is sexy, Tee-A looks real calm and collected. I love everything about his look, the silver on his shoulder blade complements the silver on his belt. Oowh owh! HOT!


Best Dressed (male) – anonymous

I’m not sure what this young man’s name is, but he killed this ensemble. His blazer is tailored seamlessly, his pants are the right fit. He has the vintage and new age vibe to the T.


Worst Dressed (female) – Ego

No No No. I do not like anything about this outfit, black is usually sexy but black in this case is simply dull. I wish she did more with this outfit, maybe more make up, bigger earrings something to make this POP!

Osacr and Titi Oyinsan

Worst Dressed (male & female) – Titi Oyinsan and Oscar

Titi looks like she would be such a sweet lady but this romper doesn’t complement her body, the folds are in all the wrong places, it looks a lil too snug on her.

Oscar *sigh* I understand he was going for the casual blazer and jeans look, but this is not doing it for me. Why is he wearing a Sesame Street graphic tee??? If only he wore a different shirt, cos that blazer is kinda cute!

TY Mix

Worst Dressed (male) – TY Mix

All I can say is Plain Plaid, this is too boring… he needs to add a little more jazz to this mix.



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