The Prestigious African Oscars-NAFCA goes over the top with Washington DC Scenic African Oscars-NAFCA Celebrity & Lunch Cruise…


Nollywood and African Film Summit
5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Founded in 2011 by Nollywood Film Critics USA., Nollywood & African Film Summit (NAFS) provides the only annual conference & symposium for Nollywood film professionals and entertainment executives to network, learn from one another, establish partnerships, and understand the latest trends in filmmaking. Also, NAFS’s main focus is the evolving relationship between Nollywood Diaspora and Nollywood Africa. The Nollywood & African Film Summit (NAFS) will Feature hot topics concerning the African Cinema, followed by an interactive panel of Notable Industry Leaders. Nollywood & African Film Summit is staged annually during the second weekend in September at the annual Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards (African Oscars) – See more at:
5 Movie Premiers at NAFCA
The African Oscars NAFCA weekend fun continues with the largest nomber of movie premiers in one night of some nominated films including:
• One Night in Vegas
• American Mama
• Ninah’s Dowry
• Nurses from Hell
• Gem of the Rainforest

The African Oscars
RED CARPET 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
THE AWARDS 6:00 PM-10:00PM


The stage is set for this year’s edition of Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards popularly known as African Oscars.
The African Oscars weekend will start on Friday September 13 with the Nollywood & African Film Summit at the five star Holiday Inn, Georgetown, Washington DC, followed by five movie premiers, the largest in the history of Nollywood according to Dr. Victor Olatoye.
Dr. Victor Olatoye the CEO of the African Oscars confirmed that premiering on the eve of this prestigious award are: One Night in Vegas, Ninah’s Dowry, Nurses from Hell, American Mama and Gem of the Rainforest.
On Saturday September 14, The Red Carpet event and the African Oscars, which will hold at the legendary Warner Theatre in Washington D.C. will have musical performances by musicians from seven different countries including Jerri Jhetto (Hollywood USA), Yemi Sax & Jennifer Eliogu (Nigeria), Koby Maxwell (Ghana), Katumbella (Angola), Kanja (Kenya), Tari (USA), Zonette Johnson (Liberia) and Cesar Loboko (DR Congo) to grace the award of the century.jpeg
According to Dr. Victor Olatoye, President
& CEO, African Oscars-NAFCA, this year’s award ceremony promises to be heartwarming and the biggest ever. African Oscars NAFCA 2013 will be graced by over 200 actors and filmmakers from Africa, the Diaspora and Hollywood.
Also on September 14, The Special NAFCA Honors (Honorary awards) will be attended by dignitaries, diplomats and business leaders.
Dr. Olatoye said they are not yet done, because this prestigious award organized by Nollywood & African Film Critics USA needs to go over the top so, on Sunday September 15 the day after the award, NAFCA is throwing in for the VIP guests a private Scenic tour of Washington DC through The Spirit, a Luxury NAFCA Celebrity Cruise Ship. The Spirit of NAFCA Washington DC Scenic NAFCA Celebrity & Lunch Cruise is an afternoon full of fun and excitement on board of one of the most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the District of Colombia. Finally all the NAFCA events will be covered by over 350 media partners worldwide.


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