The National African Students Association Conference



The National African Students Association, LLC is an organization that serves to unite African student groups in universities across the United States. They strive to empower ourselves as students by providing opportunities for networking, encouraging outreach and educational achievement all with the aim of advancement for the African continent and diaspora in the United States.
They continually work to equip young African men and women with the tools necessary for them to become forces of change. In line with their goal of empowerment, the National African Students Association hosted a National Conference for African youth in the Diaspora.

The Inaugural National Conference of the National ASA was the weekend of March 19th-21st in Atlanta, GA. The conference took place at Emory University and many schools from around the nation attended with hundreds of students in attendance. The conference had various entertainments throughout the weekend as well as distinguished African intellectuals and professionals who imparted their knowledge and experience on the attendees, to motivate them to achieve real change for Africa. Additionally, a Career Networking Event occurred during the weekend to introduce students to different career possibilities and explore how they could use their professional lives to enhance development on the continent.

To say that students enjoyed themselves is an understatement, as several students left saying that they had a renewed “sense of hope” for Africa and may exclaimed their love for the event through Facebook and various other means. The National African Students Association is an umbrella body that serves to unite African youth as well as support their development in order to push for African progress- this conference serves as a great first step. To find out more about the National African Students Association, visit them online at

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