Republiq Records and Young Black Present: “All Black Everything” – The H.H.I.B. Mixtape Listening Party


Republiq Records and Young Black Present: “All Black Everything” – The H.H.I.B. Mixtape Listening Party

Set for Thursday the 6th of September, Republiq Records and Young Black are proud to present: “All Black Everything”, the listening party for Young Black’s “H.H.I.B (Hip Hop Is Black) mixtape.

Hosted at club Magnum in Jos, the event would feature performances from Young Black, fellow Republiq Records label-mate Geniuzz, Kunem, Butta, Yung and Stixx.

Starting at 8pm on the red capet and 9pm for the main event, special guests at the event would include Kahli Abdu, Mapak, BM Silverbird Jos – Mr Tony Enayacho, comedians Osama Akpunonu GCFR and Governor MC Longs and Addictions (Aaron and Sharon).

H.H.I.B, Young Black’s premier project under the Republiq umbrella is essentially a collection that represents his thoughts and personal experiences turned into song. The project features Republiq Records label-mates Kahli Abdu and Geniuzz, Bezalel, Mesh, Kunem and Stixx among others.

After the event, guests would be able to leave with copies of the mixtape in anticipation of the official September 7th release online on the official Republiq Records website.


  1. this young black character is an imbecile swag jacker. First he steal the concept and the name of the album too. Blaqbones’ album HHIB(Hiphop in blaq) now this joke comes up another HHIB(hiphop is black) smh

  2. mehn my son even stole the all black everything concept. This is daylight pirating mehn. We know only one blaqbones(the one that won terry tha rapman’s zombie competion), this other youngblack vermic and his native doctor record label should go back to the trashcan,where lowlives like them belong.

  3. young black stole the name of the album, his name, the everything black concept from the original BLAQBONES.
    Its a pity what our artists can result to, just to ripoff the efforts of others.

  4. Matty shatap bastard dickrider, oh u tink dey will ft u on dia track? wack symbol

  5. Too bad. . Wah would he do if he finally blows up? Go back to his home town nd steal upcomin guys’ tracks nd say ts his own? Sum ppl are jst too desperate, if u can’t create ur own concept y not jst relax?? Too bad tho

  6. i already have blaqbones in one of my singles u oblivious cretin.
    The joint was pure fire,and u deformed vermin will need to show me ur name and i.d’s now.
    Matty is god.

  7. What ya’ll say bout my Mentors Record Label.Go and find out more bout them before you open your trash can to talk.
    Didnt you guys see mixtape on that article? and who told you they are low class ends?Mehn Kahli Abdu and his crew are the best that has ever lived.
    God!!! See how Naive people can be. well I’ma speak my mind if they gon hate,let em’ hate.
    Its my turn to elevate so go make inquiries Nigga………………………………………………Rebel Rebel Rebel Rebel
    Kid konnect chilling…


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