Party Like A Superstar At Dat Trace Thang 3.0!


TRACE NIGERIA is pleased to announce that its annual end of the year party “Dat TRACE Party” will be taking place on the 17th December, 2015 at the newly minted Hard Rock Café, Landmark Village, Oniru, Lagos.  

When it comes to the holiday season in Lagos, there are lots of events and activities but the entertainment industry knows that it hasn’t really started until Dat Trace Party has happened.

And happen it will! This exclusive event is a time for TRACE Urban to celebrate and unwind with its friends and clients after a hard years work. The 2014 edition, tagged “Glow in the Dark” gave attendees an interesting and unique expereince with music and art and DJ’s all night long.

This year, partygoers will be treated to an all out bash at the about to open, much talked about Hard Rock Café in Landmark Village, Oniru, Lagos. There will be cocktails by Remy Martin, drinks by Pepsi, live performances from the hottest Nigerian artists and mixes from the country’s biggest Djs.

Dat TRACE Thang is in partnership with Airtel and Pepsi, with drinks by Remy Martin and a smoking area by BAT. Dat TRACE Thang is not your regular party!



TRACE is a leading urban and black entertainment group with activities in 180 countries. TRACE is a signature hub for black and urban entertainment content and offers TV channels, FM radios, mobile services, events etc. to the millennial and young adult audiences. Trace Urban is broadcast on channel 325 on DSTV.



Moyin Bamgboye




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