NYAB 2010 Winter Masquerade Ball

NYAB 2010 Winter Masquerade Ball
NYAB 2010 Winter Masquerade Ball

NYAB is hosting a Winter Masquerade Ball! The event will feature traditional entertainment and plenty of food, drink, and dancing! Come dressed in your best tux, fancy dress, or traditional wear. And please don’t forget your Venetian mask!

We attended this event last year and it was very classy.  NYAB has promised that this year will be a time to remember.  The NYAB troupe dancers and male masquerade will be in the building.  Appetizers and drinks will be served prior to a delicious three course dinner. The bar will be wide open all night. So that means you can shaiyo all night.  Tickets are $35 and can be  purchased by contacting Ijeoma Ikpeama (301) 379-1702, Uche Chinwuba (301) 512-6431, Onyeka Obodoako (678) 372-9164, Ikem Nwolisa (301) 704-5079 or buy online @ http://nyab2010.eventbrite.com/ So with $35 you get food, drinks, entertainment, and a party … Sounds like a good deal.

You must be 21 to enter so no kids allowed. Dress Code is Formal or traditional so go organize yourself .  Ladies rock the traditional or  rock that ball room gown that is floor length. Fellows I beg no hand ball. The ladies are already talking that we can’t dress. Let’s show them. Don’t come to the door rocking jeans. This will not be accepted and you will be sent away. NYAB  wants you guys in a tux or traditional. If you no get tux I beg borrow one (borrow borrow make you rich). We no be pikin no more lets bring that swag with the way we dress.

Jaguda photography will be in the building to cover this classy event.

See below for places to purchase mask
*Party City: http://www.partycity.com/category/holiday+parties/mardi+gras+party+supplies/masks.do

*Mardi Gras Outlet: http://www.mardigrasoutlet.com/C103D4/Venetian-Carnival-Masks.html?gclid=CKCM96zZi58CFdA65QodnV5BRQ

*Costume Discounters: http://search.costumediscounters.com/search?asug=&w=venetian

*Venetian Masquerade Masks: http://www.venetianmasksociety.com/


  1. This event looks like a nice event? Can someone share the scope of the event? When will it be over? Will there be an after party?

    • Hi Sean.

      This ball is a winter function that the Nwannedinamba Young Adults Branch (NYAB) puts on annually. This year we decided to host a Venetian themed masquerade ball. The attire for the ball is very formal.

      The ball will begin at 7PM and continue till 2AM. During this time, guest will be entertained, have access to an open bar, be served a three course dinner, and of course get down on the dance floor.

      As for an after party, unfortunately since our ball ends at 2AM there will not be an after party.

      Thanks for your inquiry.


      Social Secretary

      Nwannedinamba Young Adults Branch


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