New Media Africa Symposium And Broad Awards Ceremony 7th March | Lagos




New Media Africa: a vision to create the gathering place where the publishers, broadcasters and Online Mavens of the future could come and learn from each other, celebrate their achievements and change the world of media forever.   

Africa’s largest gathering of digital marketers, tech media Professionals, bloggers, podcasters, web TV producers, and social business leaders: New Media Symposium 2014!  

New Media Symposium invites scholars, individual, and journalists to address a number of questions:

  • In what ways can the Internet still be a force for good?
  • Using new media to build social brands
  • New Media in Africa and the Global Public Sphere
  • Mobile phones, social media easing disaster impact
  • New Media Trends and Politics in Africa.
  • The service provider and the challenges in digital communications
  • Political unrest in Africa and social media
  • With governments worldwide seeking ever-greater control of the Internet, what hope, if any, remains for achieving the dreams of New Media.                                     

New Media Africa

Dele Momodu

New Media is increasingly playing a key role in the messaging process of key players in business, government and at even private levels. What used to be an appurtenance is now a necessity for brands that care about how they are perceived. While the use of these tools and forms of communication have become the norm for the most forward-looking organizations, it has become crucial to celebrate those who are not only doing it well but doing it differently without losing their brand essence and same time discuss the Beginning of the Internet: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Future of New Media in Africa,” asks scholars, activists, journalists and online professionals to consider the past, present, and possible futures of the Internet as a force for good in Africa.

We are set to hold this corporate event at the ballroom, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

Attire for the Symposium & Awards Ceremony will be “business casual” or “Cocktail attire”.     

To get an invite kindly contact: Ify +2348074790920

Website:, Twitter:  @broadawards, Facebook: Broad Awards


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