MBGN 2011 Sylvia Nduka Celebrates 21st Birthday

Sylvia with friends

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Sylvia Nduka turned 21 last week and had a celebratory birthday dinner with friends in Lagos. Check out some of the pictures.

With Friends
Sylvia Nduka
E-Weekly presenter interviewing a guest
Sylvia Nduka
Sylvia Nduka
MBGN and Vice President of Silverbird Entertainment; Mr Guy Murray-Bruce
Celebrant with guests
With friends
MBGN Tourism Obioma Isiwu
Miss Lacasera Nwando Ebeledike
MBGN World, VP Silverbird entertainment, MBGN Tourism


Source: http://www.facebook.com/SilverbirdMBGN


  1. Woah!!! sorry guys,buh I gasta be blunt with y’all… So this is what it takes to be the MBGN…..My m****y can as well enroll and stand a chance to win. Cuz this right here isn’t what we should reckon as beauty,,,in the whole of the nation for that matter. Yeah ooo she can be called fine,,,buh c’mon…Y’all know the truth….. I am sure there was a lotta rigging in the competition… Buh after this,,,I wonder what else she is gonna win… I pray she has brains,,,so it could complement her current position.

    • The world is all about criticism.What a hell are you guys saying?
      Are we more intelligent than the judges of the day.No body is perfect nor above mistakes in this earth.I must congratulate Miss Syvia Nduka for her new position.She worked for it and thank God she is wearing the crown today. Sweetie,we are proud of you.Keep the ball rolling.

  2. HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!?! In her MBGN contestant video, it was stated that she was 24 years old as of June 2011. Chai, I was supporting this girl at first but there are so many lies behind her. She said she was never a contestant and never did any kind of pageant prior to 2011, but she was Miss Kaduna 2010. WHO SHE BE SEF?

  3. Lemme be blunt with y'all…This ain't funny. . . Seriously…what d eff is this??? Beauty??? I don't reckon this as beauty. . .I am sure there was a lotta rigging during the competition. . . I just wish her luck anyways… She ain't even from Taraba,,,cuz I know that nothern girls no be like this….Mmmtttccchhheeewww!!!………………..Next time I will register my m****y for the competition,,,cuz it will also stand a chance to win……..lol

  4. another painful thing is that this girl is one hell of a dumbskull, i still dont know how she won, she stumbled on her question during the competition and she sure didnt know how to express herself intelligently, we were all rooting for Miss Lagos, only for this bimbo to win…SMH

  5. She needs to learn how to carry herself as a beauty queen, seems like those coaching her need extra effort because there's something still "razz" about her.Sorry but the truth must be told. BTW, I see lots of hair!!!


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