Live Stream Of #WhatAboutUs (What About Us?) Presidential Debate


We’re only few hours away, hope everyone is ready. Debate starts at 7pm (GMT) & is at 2PM (EST). Please tune in and listen.

The presidential debate brought to you by The #WhatAboutUs group live stream brought to you be Channels TV. Watch and stay informed.

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  1. It's interesting to see these muslim idiots struggling to tarnish the name of Goodluck Jonathan, with claims of incompetency and all that, but too bad… Whether they like it or not! Goodluck Jonathan will win, if he doesn't win legally, he will win riggingly. And it is not the first or the last time this will happen! All you "pro-northern leaders" advocates can go to hell. Goodluck is here! change is here!! GEJ2011!!!

  2. Sweet talk gets a country nowhere, antagonistic approach equally ruins a group. The northerners need to accept that their time of tribal politics, violent demands and mixing religion with state of affairs is up! nigeria needs patriotic, useful, properly educated people to lead. And that i see in non of them. The best is still GEJ!

    • you must be a PDP member without shame to make such an empty statement! if you're a Nigerian youth you will never support a government that serve 2yrs without progress…not to even talk about 12 years of wasted opportunity and massive corruption

  3. These presidential aspirants are discussing instead of debate. Since all the aspirants have same view on virtually everything. My question why not stop your campaign and support the other since you share the same ideology?


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