Fashola is more Igbo than Obi! Lagos sent back those who constituted nuisance in the state – Anthony Offor


Anthony Williams Offor, described governor Fashola’s gesture towards him in an interview with The Sun correspondent. Offor, 35, from Anambra State, poignantly talked about his efforts to hear again and how it has been to Lagos State governor, Raji Fashola, who happens to be of the greatest help, whereas, his own state governor, Peter Obi, continued to neglect him.

He, therefore, submitted that Fashola is detribalised and more Igbo than Obi. He also cautioned Igbo not to cast aspersions on Fashola over the said deportation of some.

“…between Fashola and Obi, who is more Igbo? To me, Fashola by his action and love towards me is more Igbo than Obi. That is why I have dismissed Igbos attacking him for the said deportation of Igbos to Anambra. What Lagos State government did was not deportation. Lagos sent back those who constituted nuisance in the state. It will be wrong for Igbos and others to cast aspersion on Fashola for sending destitute back to their states.”

Read full interview HERE



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