6 Years Later, The “Ghetto Dream” is Alive


April 22nd 2010 remains one of the saddest day in the Nigerian Music industry, it’s been Six years he left us. But Let’s not forget how he inspired and influenced a lot of music and artiste(s) today.

Dagrin was the Voice of the street, his rise to fame from the street gave a lot of people “Hope” that they can do it no matter their situation.. All you had to is to believe.That was 6 years ago, we didn’t have a lot of Dagrin(s) back then; today we are nurturing legends who got influenced by this Man.

Woke this morning Playing “Ghetto Dreams”, and i realized that we didn’t fail him. So many Artistes living that Ghetto dream today; he will be smiling anywhere he is knowing that when he dropped the mic; a lot of rappers that looked up to him continued with his legacy.

His Legacy lives on Forever, Continue to rest in peace Barrack O’Grin.

Tell us your favorite track from Dagrin, Listen To Ghetto Dreams to start with 🙂


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