‘Tis the Season Back To Naija


We at Jaguda know that during this time of year many are going back home for the holidays, and while some are coping with the reality of not boarding a plane home, we would like to wish all our readers and friends a safe, memorable, and joyous trip.  Party hard.  Love hard. Laugh hard.

For some, this may be the usual annual trip and for others it has been a return since their last visit after 3 or more years.  Whichever the case maybe, enjoy the company of family and friends and try making new ones, if you know what I mean.

As we all know, “Ain’t no party like a Lagos party,” no need to tell you, serious faji!  A brief absence from your local clubs and events themed behind Nigerian promoters, onto some authentic Nigerian entertainment is just what you’ll need to have an even greater time.  Those not traveling due to whatever circumstances, all I can say is, there are parties happening now well into the New Year where you can at least feel somewhat at home.

Without doubt, lists have already been made full of requests of things to bring back from lots of people, 3 words…DON’T BE CHEAP.  For the movie lovers asking for good films, buying part 1 and part 2 just won’t cut it, buy more than one film.  For those asking for jewelry, buying a pair of earrings won’t cut it at all at all, buy it with matching bracelet, ring, and necklace.  You spent all that time there just to bring back something small small?…unacceptable!

With that in mind, Safe Journey and Enjoy.

From Team Jaguda



  1. Yes ooo… Time for Christmas goat 🙂 I always stack up so much movies when i go home i feel like I'm an illegal exporter. lol.

    Great post


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