Kool iT Saturdays 2015


Kool iT Saturdays, “KISS” is an entertainment event, that features Rappers, Singers, Producers, Djs, Dancers, Comedians and Fashion Designers.

This is the first KISS event of 2015 and it will premier the release of 12.09 Apparel.

KOOL iT SATURDAYS “KISS” presents a stage, on which the  talent of young Nigerians in the entertainment industry will be showcased, thereby creating opportunities for them to perform to and entertain an audience, interact with successful artists/performers of their likes, and to  get publicized and promoted.

Event Information
Date: Saturday, 31st January 2015
Venue: Club Magnum, Jos, Nigeria
Time:   8:00pm. Red Carpet: 7:00pm


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