James “King Of Gist” Jones Birthday Bash | May 9th 2009

James Jones Birthday Bash
James Jones Birthday Bash

If you’re in the atlanta area, or you are familiar with AfroGist TV, then you probably know Mr James “KingOfGist” Jones. Well, Mr Jones here is turning 20 something and will be hosting his birthday bash this saturday, May 9th 2009 at Club Lavish, in Atlanta. Like every other AfroGist party, this will definitely feature mad interviews, and such. Happy Birthday Mr Jones from the Jaguda Team. We’ll be there to definitely support and cover the event.

For more info on this event please call 6785086880 or send an email to afrogist@gmail.com.

Oh yeah… check out the hot promo for the event by Dunn-P… definitely nice.


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