Holiday Wardrobe + Winter Fashion Events


Happy Holidays you all, I hope your year end festivities start with a BANG and end with a BOOM (in a good way). To the lot of you that are spending the remainder of 2010 in Naija, have enough fun for me to feel it here!

Anyway, along with the holidays comes parties and along with that comes shopping. Not only shopping in terms of buying your loved ones gifts for Christmas but in terms of looking for that banging dress to wear to the annual holiday party your job is hosting. Or that fly blazer and pant combo you’ve been dying to oppress your mates with at that one club party. Oh and if you’re spending the holidays with your potential in-laws, you’re definitely looking for the outfit that will speak highly of you (maybe even before you open your mouth to say a word). All of us one way or the other fall into some category so with that said here are some HOLIDAY WARDROBE TIPS to get you through Christmas and New Year’s (and possibly into good graces with your in laws). ^_^


Now when it comes to going to a family gathering, you don’t want to overdo it.

Ladies, a slimming sweater dress that hits your knee in length will be your best bet! I mean it covers you up so your future mother in law doesn’t label you as something you’re not. The cowl neck on this sweater dress is sexy without giving up too much and plus its warm. Guys, an argyle sweater will get you in that door. Couple it with a dress shirt and forget the tie and dress pants, I give you permission to wear it with jeans. Just make sure they don’t sag. #imjustsaying

Dress by Victoria’s Secret; Argyle Sweater by ArgyleCulture


In my opinion, those holiday parties are similar to prom for high school students. Each and every day you see your co-workers dressed as ‘they should’ aka business casual. Yet come party time that dress code is thrown out the window and replaced with what YOU want to wear (same goes for high school students). Ultimately you get to see your co-workers in a whole new light, whether that light is good or bad, I don’t know and don’t care. THIS ALL ABOUT YOU NOW.

Ladies, try a metallic dress like the one on the far left or a printed dress like the one next to it. Either way, both will give you that edge and make you some good eye candy for the night. Guys, since wearing a vest or blazer to work is a bit rare and maybe even unnecessary why not go this route for the party. I mean you’ll look extremely dapper and these looks may score you points with your boss(es). That is, if you care.

Dresses by Tracy Reese; Vest and Jacket by J. Crew


In this case, I believe you can go to town!

Ladies, when I hear holiday, I think lace, bows and peplum style dresses. Whether the dress will be long or short, I feel these three aspects make a dress wearable during the holidays.

Dress (far left) by Sika Designs; Dress (center) by Tiffany Amber; Dress (right) by Sika Designs

Guys, party like it’s your birthday in skinny and bow ties, colored vests and dress shirts. I encourage you gentlemen to try the look on the far left. A solid colored vest & shirt with a skinny tie then match it with a pair of white pants.

All menswear by Ozwald Boateng (designer photographed on far left and right)

So with that said…make your Mama proud at those parties and have the time of your lives!


In the coming year African Fashion International will be bringing you the JO’BURG FASHION WEEK sponsored by Audi in February. Time has flown by because here we are gearing up for another one.

Here we have Tanzanian model Millen Magese in a Thula Sindi one shouldered dress from this year’s Fashion Week in Johannesburg. I’m sure next year’s fashion week will be a certified hit.

Till next time…




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