Grubs Magazine’s 100 Noodles Recipe Competition Kicks Off


100-noodles RE

This is to officially re-introduce Nigeria’s top food magazine, Grubs Magazine.

Grubs Magazine are the publishers of Nigeria’s first food and beverage magazine. The magazine launched officially in November 2012. The brand’s mission is to promote the lifestyle of well feeding among Nigerians by sourcing, documenting and sharing of essential nutritional and culinary information.

Grubs Magazine will like to introduce its first food project, 100 Noodles Recipe. It is a unique contest aimed towards discovering and celebrating different ways and styles we cook and enjoy noodles. It involves creativity, imagination and inventiveness.

This contest will begin with an online competition where contestants will submit their noodles recipe and solicit for votes from friends. The contestant with the highest number of ‘likes’ each week wins a prize. This will run for 4 weeks before the grand finale – noodles cook off. The winner takes home cash prize and more.

Contestants are to send pictures of their ready prepared noodles with recipe and preparation description to including their instagram and twitter handles.

Pictures will be posted on Grubs Magazine instagram page – @grubsmagazine with the hashtag #100noodlesrecipe #grubsmagazine

This project promises to be an innovative success and a shared interest amongst Nigerians who enjoy cooking and culinary excellence.

For more information, visit
Twitter: @grubsmagazine @obendo
Instagram: @grubsmagazine

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