Fashion Victors… and its Victims!


Good day to you all! Hope your week is going great!

On Saturday, November 20th, the SoundCity Music Video Awards went down in Lagos, Nigeria. To top it off, celebrities, designers, socialites and music fanatics all came out from all over to impress and oppress! From all the fanfare that was buzzing around twitter that day, I couldn’t wait to see pictures from the event the following week. I will say this, I love but thank God for because come Monday morning, a page load of red carpet photos were posted for all who cared to see and Lord have mercy did we get an eye full. You know how they say if you don’t have anything good to say then keep that your mouth shut? How about I just write about it. This is where I insert my disclaimer, right? Attention: This post is not about bashing anyone’s personal style, this is more about showing you an alternative way to make an outfit work for you! Lord knows I’d rather have someone tell me truth as to how I look than for them to smile in my face and feed me a blatant lie that I look ‘fabulous’ when in fact, I look terrible.

So I rounded up my top 5 looks I thought could’ve been tweaked and the 4 looks I thought were great! These are all my opinions and you are entitled to your own, so don’t hesitate to let me know that I am talking straight bull! To each his own, right?

Let’s go there!

GT Guitarman Although his kaftan is beautiful why pair it with jeans and sneakers? Guys, I don’t care how ‘different’ you’re trying to be, either wear the matching pant or wear black slacks. [Doesn’t it look like he had trouble getting into his kaftan? Either that or he used too much starch to iron it.] NEXT!


Da Bling Lord have mercy! She looks like Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj rolled into one person. Where do I start? First the blonde hair, then the multiple necklaces and the outfit is all WRONG as it does nothing for her shape. All I can say to this is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION because this look is overdone!  [Check out Aunti’s fan] NEXT!

Essence Hmmm I love the color of the dress but that is where the admiration ends. The one shoulder style is obviously still reigning so ladies are trying to find new ways to make it work but this is too long for her frame. If you want to do something like this make sure the shoulder part doesn’t fall past your elbow otherwise you’ll look bigger than you are. See as we can’t even see her frame past all the material. Then the floral print hem makes it looks hella cheap! The flowers at the shoulder are too much for one dress. [Again: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION] NEXT!

Zaaki With the kind of heat we have in Nigeria, I will never understand the need for a cap, as if you are trying to brave the cold in a city like New York! Anyway iridescent/metallic denim is not in style anymore especially as a full matching outfit! If you want to pull off a look like this, choose one, either the jacket or the jeans and wear it with another solid color. NEXT!

Aisha Shaba She’s a beautiful girl so it hurts me to see her in this gown. She needs to fire her tailor. The top of the gown is pretty and even the backless part is nice but why are there only two tiers to your train? It makes it look like you ran out of fabric. I do not suggest a gown with a train for any awards show because people will only step on it. TRUST ME, I know from experience. If you want to accomplish a look like this, go for more tiers on your train or don’t do it at all.


Styl-Plus I love you guys but this is not acceptable. Do not underestimate the power of clothing that fits YOU! Also. if you see that your band mates not wearing hats, why must you be the one to wear one and a baseball cap for that matter. [Let me stop there]

On the flip side we have some that passed with flying colors…

Naeto C gets much respect for this all grey look that I loved. Some may say its too much grey on grey but he was wise enough to wear a black trimmed blazer, white shirt and a darker pair of jeans. Breaking up the consistency of the color grey with another color is always a good idea because grey alone can make an outfit look bland.

This guy Adebayo Oke-Lawal, will probably be looked as a ‘character’ by some men (and women) for wearing all these colors in one outfit but I say he did the DAMN THING. The red & white striped collared shirt under a cobalt blue double-breasted blazer with gold buttons and a pair of khaki pants. Now playing with multiple colors can be disastrous but stripes with solid colors always works. You just have to find colors that compliment each other. Guys if the length of the sleeves and pants bother you then you don’t have to join his club, stick to your regular length and you will still look as good.

Waje! She went the subtle but sexy route. Ladies no one needs to see ALL your goods for you to look sexy! The dress fits her frame and the lace sleeves and turquoise stones at the shoulder add a little something extra for you to see and leaves much to the imagination.

Tiwa Savage made me proud when I saw her! As in she looked divine and hella appropriate compared to some of the ‘prom’ dresses that were present throughout the red carpet. Its an award show not your SWEET SIXTEEN birthday party! The color of her gown, the deep cut on the neckline and the free skirt make this a dressy but casual look.

That’s the list but if you feel like someone else should have been here, let me know! Also, shout out to Bella Naija for the photos! It was pleasure being able to see everyone out and about!


[P.S. Does anyone else find Ikechukwu attractive? I know I do. Okay I’m done!]


  1. Hahahaha, great post! I am cracking up.

    Okay, to begin with…who and what is a Da Bling? And what tha frack was she wearing? *blank stare*

    Essence looked like she was rocking a table cloth.

    Damn Styls Plus…hard times much? Trio looking kinda hungry.

    I heart Waje! She is a fab chick.

    Tiwa Sawage looked absolutely gorgeous. *Two thumbs up*

  2. Great Post! O God….I hope I NEVER fall a victim to fashion, and you're around to snap a pic and destroy me like this! Lol!!! Great Post!

  3. I don't know what or who this Adebay Oke-Lawal thinks he is but dude, 3/4 sleeves are meant for W-O-M-E-N! This one has nothing to do with being comfortable with your sexuality or metrosexual, its EXTREMELY suspect. And for God & human sake LOOSE that purse!

    Da Bling just looks like a blonde Elvira sliding down the red carpet.

    • I reckon… Which kain dressing be dat wey Adebay hook up?

      Its just wrong…..

      Being different doesnt mean one should look like a clown…. Haba….

      • Eh!!!! im wrong there o….

        the guy pulled up his sleeve o (Jacket)….

        Some people can get away with it but not someone looking like a clown…..


  4. Ah!!!!!

    watching people looking funny after they have tried all their best to look great makes me laugh all the time….

    Well, as they say some people have it and most don't…

    Tiwa Savage looks great and she thick like dat so me like her….

    Waje too looks nice…..

    I always see Naeto C so that one dey always try…..

    The rest na zero for me…..

    Even ikechukwu still no make am….

    Look at the waist line of his jeans (the bulge there) now compare it to Naeto.

    Naeto's fits nicely, thats the difference….

    Fitting and colour cordination is everything…..

    One can say im being to critical but thats what should differentiate our celebs from the average person on the street.

    For the men, go to (stumbled on it years back)

    U could learn a few things from that site on more than looking great sef….

    Sorry i no get site for the women…… hehehehe

    But there are loads of places u can get good advice from….

    All good lovely people…



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