Dreams Do Come True: OYATO LIVE AT NYFW


Last Saturday was a good day! Plenty of people gathered at Select Space NYC [photographed below] located on 39th street and 8th avenue in New York City’s garment district to witness the unveiling of VINTAGE POP PRINT™ Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. A collection I’ve been working on since the beginning of this year and it felt damn good to finally show what I’ve been holding onto for so long.

The event was definitely one to remember even though I spent half the time in the back getting models dressed and ready. I wasn’t alone though, thank God! I had the help of my team, the OYATO Artistry Team that helped with everything from makeup, hair, styling, bartending, making alterations, serving food, managing the door/crowd/music… and yes the list literally goes on so please believe I was grateful to have them there!

Thanks to our sponsors we kept our guests happy with Cakes by Violet cupcakes and treats then we also had gift bags stuffed with magazines, goodies and exclusive gift cards courtesy of Milani CosmeticsAnouska Leigh, OVA Boutique and MAYVENPR.

The collection was well received from our audience and I couldn’t be any happier. Like Erykah Badu said, “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t!” I never understand that line till that day! I’ve toiled over this line, the inspiration, the concept and look of it to point where I doubted it. But I told myself, “this is my work and as long as I love it, who cares what anybody thinks.”

VINTAGE POP PRINT™ was inspired by the trends that reigned in the 1960’s and 1970’s. My lack of cable television forced me to get familiar with the phenomenon also known as NETFLIX and because I am a sap for old films, I simply indulged in them. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Seven Year Itch, Black Girl, Orfeu Negro [The Black Orpheus], Sabrina, Foxy Brown and all past four seasons of Mad Men, I was overwhelmed with images of men [and most especially] women dressed to the nines! You see, the reality of it was that “dressing up” was an everyday thing for them not something they did once in a blue moon. Women took time to dress and clothed themselves in styles that flattered them. VINTAGE POP PRINT™ pays homage to that woman that took pride in her appearance. In true OYATO fashion, I added colors and a print that are striking at a first glance. You’ve got to adore the flash of red, the pop of mustard yellow and the explosion of the damask print all manipulated into designs that ultimately speak volumes. Just call this line a new interpretation of an old trend, the OYATO interpretation.

Every day I’m brought closer to my dream of “making it” in the fashion industry as a designer. This event was another accomplishment I’ll add to my list and trust me I’m just getting started. For some, the sky is the limit but for others the sky is only the beginning.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Avaloni Studios

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