The Best And Worst Dressed At The 2014 Headies Awards


More awards. I’m in heaven, and some hell, with all this fashion! YES. GAWD. Its take off time!

So this year at the Headies awards, I noticed two main trends – A whole burst of color among the male attendees: e.g. Dr. Sid, D’Prince, KCee, Alex Ekubo, and then a lot of VERY casual dressing – like headlining a concert, doing press, airport kinda casual: e.g. IcePrince, Davido, Bolanle Olukanni. But what else is new right? I know. This has become a norm, and its disturbing. Anyhow, let’s see who made the lists!


5. Audu Maikori

Audu Maikori

When everyone is going all out trying to be different and unique, the classic black suit stands out, and Audu reminds us just how much. This suit fits well, and he is more than appropriately dressed for the event. I’m not a huge fan of bowties at all because they just scream “waiter” to me, but Audu looks nice and professional. A pocket square would’ve made this look 100%, but the lack thereof makes no subtractions to the overall outcome. He looks just perfect. Audu #chopknuckle.


4. Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro

This outfit looks like a recreated version of Rihanna’s 2013 Met Ball Gala look. However, Osas stunsss in this. Although it is really simple, it fits her very nicely, accentuates her curves, and falls just so beautifully. The train is so much perfection. Because things really bother me, the fact that the top and bottom are two different shades of the same color realllly makes me uncomfortable. Lol But other than that it looks great. Wearing her hair down was a great choice since the outfit was really simple, but for that season, I would’ve opted for some curls and earrings that could be seen. Osas we see you girl!


3. Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani

This girl just jumped from being on the worst dressed list to being on the best! That dresssssss!! Woo! This is what I’m taking about. Again, it does bother me that the top and bottom are two different shades of black, but this dress looks amazing! Because it is an all black ensemble, some color in her hair would’ve been nice, and because of the high neckline, I would’ve worn the hair up too. But Miss Kimani girl, you did that!


2. Dr. Sid & D’Prince



These were absolutely the best-dressed males at the Headies! I am completely obsessed with every suit Dr. Sid wears. He really knows how to wear a suit. What is so great about these suits is that the colour actually works. I would never put a red suit on my man, but somehow, this seems to not just work, but work WELL. They look so daper. This insinuation might be a stretch, but maybe it was a Mavin look? I see no indication of the presence of other male Mavins, so this might have been a Mavin thing for the night. Peep the sunglasses too (even though I’d lose them.) Not sure, but you know, just saying. The bowtie (like I’ve said before) reminds me of the “waiter” look, but because these suits are so red, that doesn’t even apply. They look so great! Alright Mavins, we salute!


1.Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

She was totally FABULOUSNESS (yes I said fabulousness) in this green dress with a LONG train! It was a shame she didn’t get to wear this the whole time because she was hosting, but this is so much perfection I can hardly contain! The fit is flawless, the shade of green is royal, and the train is so on point. The ruching on her hips accentuates her curves and the placement of the pleats on the waist is beautiful. The silver belt is a nice addition to break up all the green and give it some edge with shine. The lining on the breast line looks a little shabbily placed, but Toke is gorgeous in this outfit. Hair, make-up, jewelry, all of it. You get the crown for this one Toke. Congratulations!

Noteworthy well dressed – Lola OJ, Kunbi Oyelese, Ngozi Zed-Eye, Stephanie Coker.



5. Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan

So uhh, this dress wouldn’t be so bad, but there are many “buts.” The material looks like expensive night gown material, and the dress comes close to actually looking like an expensive ankle length night gown because of the fit. It holds the boobs very awkwardly, and then doesn’t give her a waist. Her accessorizing was also a little off. The sequins (I think they are) on her dress look silver, but her earrings are gold and her necklace is black. The red hair just didn’t work. The slit is beautiful and well placed, but a nice slit never made an ill-fitting dress a hit. This is no exception.


4. Sexy Steele

Sexy Steele

I’ve been sitting for here for two minutes trying to figure out what to even say about this. Yes, there was a burst of colour on the carpet from the men, but this wasn’t one of the best (even though so many of the coloured suits were just off). Too many colours are involved in this look. What is around his collar? And why is it a royal blue? The colours of the blazer are really feminine, and I understand that fashion is all about taking risks, but the risk gotta pay off, no? The suit fits so wrong. And don’t guys usually wear the cropped pants without any socks? I think that’s how it works. At least wear plain coloured socks. You know? The shoe and socks combination looks like what a clown would wear at a circus. This is altogether a poor choice of an outfit… for anything.


3. Mercy Ajisafe

Mercy Ajisafe

Now this is not incredibly bad. I actually do like the concept of this look; justtt the concept. If the hemline of the pants had hit the floor, and it was well-tailored, it would have been a hit. Badly tailored outfits change everythingggg. I would have picked even Ankara over satin for this look because Ankara has a lot more structure. Pants look very shabby when they are not well-sewn – red carpet or not, but sometimes the material makes all the difference there is. Nothing about this look is flattering. The pants are the biggest part of it and they just don’t work.


2. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

yemi back

I know you guys really love her and may hate me for this, but this dress looks like the inner piece of a curtain. Seriously. The side slits look like the dress was literally ripped open, and the bubu cut is confusing. The inner piece looks like satin (which is fine) but it is WAY to short. The dress is not intended to have a train. Or is it? I don’t even know. It’s just too long as well. Drop earrings with such a high-necked dress doesn’t work either. And I’m not even gon touch the hair before y’all naturalistas come for me. But yeah, I’m sure you get my point. This look just wasn’t right.


1. I don’t know her name (Red dress girl)

Red Dress Girl

This was unarguably the tackiest short dress that walked the red carpet at the Headies. Take some notes from Dakore or Funke Akindele. That is how to wear a short dress on the red carpet. This looks like what you wear to the club maybe? I wouldn’t wear this ever, but hey, to each his own. It’s just… tacky. I can’t find another word for it. Her make-up is okay though, and her jewelry is not overdone so that’s good. But the whole look, yeah, no.

That’s all folks!

By @khlowey_songz

Photocredit: BellaNaija


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