Best and Worst Dressed At The 2014 Channel O Music Video Awards


Awards! If you’re like me, the red carpet is actually one of the most interesting parts of the whole show because as always, there are those who blow us away, and those who leave us wondering what happened to all the mirrors they own. The Channel O Music Video Awards (CHOAMVA) 2014 awards did not disappoint in both categories. #Leggo!

Best Dressed:

5. Lynxxx


Now apart from his good looks and fresh haircuts (always), Lynx knows how to wear a suit! The fit is right from top to bottom. The length of his pants are just perfect, and the collar of his blazer stands out. It looks like it was a black out night for some of the men (Dr. Sid looked dapper in all black as well) and I admire the monochrome; especially in black. The white pocket square does look out of place on this outfit, but we forgive him. He looks great!


4. Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo

The hardest thing to wear on the red carpet is prints. Boity pulled this off SO NICELY. The print is already so busy so she kept the dress real simple. Breaking the print a little bit with a slim black belt and a sheer placed neckline was perfecto. It fits right. It was tailored well. Littlest accessories worked because like I said, this is a very busy print. I commend her for taking a chance on this dress. It worked. Hair and make-up look fab too! We see you Boity!


3. Niyola


I am in love with her, but I promise I am not biased. This dress looks absolutely stunning. What is so great about this look is that she didn’t overdress it. The neckline deserves to stand alone without a neckpiece and she honoured that. The slit sits perfect, and the small clutch and drop earrings are a nice way to accessorize.

The only thing I would change about this outfit is the shoes. The dress is already so much, so simpler shoes would’ve been a better choice. Also, it looks like the dress had very defined shoulders. In that case I would wear the hair up. Broad shoulders are beautiful on red carpet looks if worn right. Good looking Niyola!


2. Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau

I am Obsessedddddddd with this outfit! This female tuxedo look rocked the red carpet during the awards season earlier on in the year, and quite frankly it is not the easiest look to pull off. The cape is also another piece that has taken the fashion scene by storm. Khanyi combined BOTH. Wearing the blazer as a cape was absolutely genius! Also, a crop top with a low neckline was a perfect choice. It keeps her from looking like she had an appointment with her boss at the office. The pants fit right, and her toned midsection make looking at this ensemble so much better!

Personally, I would lose the hat if this was my outfit of choice, but it doesn’t look bad at all. Go Khanyi!


1. Juliet Ibrahim


This dress was definitely one of the simpler dresses on the carpet, but boy is it gorgeous! The tailoring and construction of this dress is impeccable, and her curves hold it RIGHT. The sheer dress trend has exploded on the red carpet recently, but Juliet chose to keep it a little more modest wearing something on the inside. It was smart to keep the accessories very light. Having a hair-do that was above her shoulders was an awesome choice since the neck of the dress comes so high, but I would’ve gone for a more dressy look – maybe even just a bun would’ve sufficed.

Regardless, Juliet you did that girl!


Worst Dressed

5. Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani

Where to start… What is that on her head? And this isn’t a rhetorical question. Its an actual question. And her hair, her hair, her hair. Her hair is… uhmmm… not the right look. Nobody thinks EXTRA long side braid when you think red carpet. You think reality tv, pool side, beach. Pants are always difficult to pull off, and a jumpsuit is not a bad choice, but this is a little underdressed and not very well put together. The headpiece is confusing, and the fishtail braid is off. The shoes, however, I love!

Altogether this isn’t a very captivating red carpet look.


4. Patoranking


I need Joan Rivers. Oh. Dear. Lord. Some people may need to be reminded what exactly a red carpet event is, and how exactly you should dress for it. This isn’t a club hopping night or a stage performance at ABTI. A bandana? What happened to his shirt? Chains never replace ties on the carpet bruh. And why are your boxers visible? Where is your belt?! At this point the least of my worries is his choice of colours, because quite frankly, this is a disaster. A sad, sad, one.


3. Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay

She allegedly called this outfit “black carpet beachwear.” I couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly why this looks horrifying on the RED CARPET. I am not a great fan of this whole sheer trend at all. I think Kim Kardashian and Shaneice Hairston are the only two who have pulled off sheer looks that I actually liked. This one doesn’t look right. The fit is terribly wrong and makes it look like an undergarment. Then pairing it with a trench coat (at some point) took it from bad to worse. This “dress” does not flatter her body and the length is so weird. From the neck up though, I adore the look.


2 & 1. Denise Zimba and Pam Andrews.

Denise Zimba

Pam Andrews

Stay home. Please. Just stay home. I couldn’t even decide who would take the award for worst dressed of the night so I just put them together. I have no idea what they were thinking. At least Denise’s hair and make-up looks nice. Pam sported some blue lipstick that stood out wayyy too much. Bottom line – both ensembles are completely inappropriate for ANY event. If you want to be naked, or half naked, go to the beach where it’s okay to wear a bikini. Or live, breathe and eat in your shower.

Whatever you do, save our eyes this misery. Please. Biko. Mzambe. Abeg.


That’s all folks. Drop a note and tell us who you think the best dressed and worst dressed were at Channel O Music Video Awards 2014. Peace.


BY @Khlowey_songz


  1. I need to know the name of what kimani has on her head. And those braids sha. Hahaha. Patoranking needs to be flogged sha. Kudos Lynx and as for shey shey, I have nothing to say to her,

  2. Seyi Shay normally dresses well but this one here is an epic fail yo. Pam Andrews and the other random should be flogged

  3. it is really not good. It’s too nude. About our celebrities and them style we can discuss at web page…


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