Be Part of the change & Transformation in Nigeria


Goodluck Namadi Global Group is giving us an opportunity to meet various ministers, senators, dignitaries, and other government officials from Nigeria. This is a chance to be back of the change you want to see in Nigeria. This will be televised live on NTA and it is an opportunity for Nigerian’s aboard to get involved with what is happening in Nigeria. will be present to provide media coverage for this first class event.

Things get started at 10 AM at the Americasmart building #3 (250 Spring St: the Atrium, 2nd Floor Atlanta, GA 30303). The first session will feature an opportunity to meet the various dignitaries privately. Excellent opportunity to market budding businesses to these officials at 2PM GNGG will be hosting a rally. This is an excellent opportunity to gather in a group and speak as one voice in regards to changes we want to see in Nigeria. After the rally at 7 PM GNGG will be putting together a banquet which will feature a speech by the secretary of state of Nigeria. After the gala all participants will have the opportunity to dance the night away at the magnificent Americasmart ballroom.  Jaguda and GNGG look forward to seeing you at this world class event. For more information visit or call Dr. Emelia Akpa 404-964-9596.

Thanks to a generous sponsor the gala night is FREE as long as you attend the Rally. So please ignore the $20 gate fee


  1. Nigeria needs people who are *prepared* to lead Nigeria into change/her greatness and NOT good luck. Not even this time around. Nigeria needs to vote 2 honest men: #BB2011 i.e. #Buhari-Bakare 2011. The change we really need= anti-corruption, and the end of PDP and all that monetized/glamorous politics! GBAM!

  2. Hmm…. campaign even to heaven… but not ready to face your fellow presidential aspirants for a debate?! abeg!!!! this is just one of the things that irks me in Nigerian politics….

    #EnoughisEnough #RSVP

  3. By there name's we shall know dem. hear d name JAGUDA!!! It means CROOK in my dialect-
    Idoma-Benue State

  4. Honestly i dont even like anyone…..Now i'm beginning to think Dele Momodu…not even sure..
    I just dey vex~! Goodluck hasnt impressed yet and his wife sef…i dont want her representing my country
    as the 1st lady and it's not my fault say she nor sabi yarn na my fault?

  5. Nigerians needs to change dia mindset, atleast we know dat our leaders are corupt bt we shuld say gud things about our country, dis initiative is a good way forward.


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