Asa Concert?….I think not

Restless folks waiting outside of the atrium
Restless folks waiting outside of the atrium

So any Nigerian(or anyone interested in soul music) in Atlanta this past weekend heard about Asa’s scheduled concert at the Atrium on sunday, and for those of us that took time out of schedule to go to the show can say that we got the greatest disappointment ever. No, I’m not talking about the show being bad. I’m talking about the show not existing at all. Yes, the show was cancelled.

Now I’d like to personally express my disappointment in the whole organizing crew, and Asa’s crew also. I’m not sure who is to blame the most in this whole fiasco, but from a fan’s standpoint, it doesn’t matter to me. Folks have heard everything from bad sound to Asa being a Diva to less than average set up for the show, and it really doesn’t matter. I paid money and sacrificed my time to see a show and it was never held. This is not the first time we as Africans have been disappointed with no-shows or less than impressive shows – no-show from 2face, no-show from Awilo (twice), no-show from Tony Tetuila, no-show from Basket Mouth & I-go-die, less than impressive performance from Eldee in Ottawa, and finally no-show from Asa.

This has to stop at some point. How many more times will we as fans get excited about our favorite artist or performer coming to perform in our local city only to be disappointed? At some point we have to start demanding more from Artists, Perfomers, Promoters, and anyone investing some interest in organizing shows & concerts.

Now, to be completely fair there have been good shows put together by Nigerian promoters – Femi Kuti in ATL, Eldee in ATL & Houston, 9ice in DC & Chigaco, Julius Agu in Atlanta, just to mention a few, so I can’t say all promoted shows have been a bust. This particular incident however just brings back memories of all the no-shows we’ve had in the past, and quite frankly it’s shameful. I’m almost scared to believe anything about a show until after the show is over.

Hopefully, no one takes offense to any of this article. I’m not saying anything people aren’t already saying.


  1. i like your article AUTHOR but i must say who the hell is ASA? i heard the rumor she is a wannabe soulsinger and cant really sing please confirm

  2. That's a real shame. Asa is wicked and definitely gives off the impression of being more responsible and sturdy than other artists. Lets hope there was a good reason for the cancellation!

    @Toks I think she is fantastic and can definitely sing! Check out the first single off her album Fire on the Moutain. She has amazing lyrics.

  3. As funny as this article sounds, the situation is not funny. I know there has to be a justified reason why this concert was cancelled but after a while the reasons become the same ole thing. Just recently the D'bang concert was canceld and of course there was a JUSTIFIED reason. I personally think our AFRICAN ORGANIZERS have no justifed reasons to cancel shows anymore. African entertainers and Organizers need to do a better job of committing to the fans….sometimes I wonder why "our" own things are always so backwards. How are we supposed to get the support of other nationalities when we cant commit to our own selves….menn the thing weak me sef!

  4. I'm sad to say that I made a call on this disappointment. I was one of those that went; and I guess I wanted to give the organizers the benefit of the doubt. This is truly sad…and I hope that this is not the reputation that Nigerians will continue to follow. When will we ever measure up?

  5. yup, came out with high expectations, left broken hearted. flyer said "doors open @ 6"..we were still OUTSIDE @ 8:30 wondering how long the "sound check" will last. it cld all be avoided if money and time was well invested in planning & COMMUNICATING….i dont blame her for not performing but then again, it shd never have come to a situation where they were just finding out that speakers were not good on concert day gan gan…. her tech crew/ managers should have forseen that if u ask me. i dont think the organizers are totally at fault..or maybe they are….the thing weak me too o…heres my thing, every time its a new face/ body/ organization hosting an event like this and when it flops they never give em a second chance to host again and learn from their mistake. next thing you know, another clueless rookie organisation hosting another top artist somewhere in "bankhead", not knowing what to expect and the cycle begins again. trust me, these guys wont make the same mistake again. such is life..

  6. I was there and was quite disappointed. Blame goes all the way round, however, as an artist, your fans will always appreciate sacrifices you make for them. They will always say the conditions were bad, however, my girl made a show of it. I saw Orlando give a wonderful performance at Mattos in Atl in 2000 even though folks didn't know he was around.

    What am I to think when I cut my 9ja trip short just to see her and then witness that crap?

    Asa, treat your fans better. Its about your name and reputation.


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