AfroGist Launch Party

2 had their official launch party this past friday (March 13th, 2009) at Lavish Lounge in Atlanta, GA, and I must say they had that place rocking. AfroGist hosts James Jones and oh soo sexy Harriet were in the building, and the man himself Dunn P was capturing the event via live video. Music was by DJ Gee, and ATL’s finest DJ Mighty Mike, and ofcourse there were guest appearances from, Rising Sun, NBOC ent, Dejavu Ent, Rock-On Dude, Naira, Keno, Zaina, Archepello, and a host of others.  As always the ladies were out with their flyest outfits and so were the fellas. was in the building to cover the event, and capture all the madness -both good and bad. Check out the photos here


  1. uuuuuggggggghhhh I'm so mad, I have been in Atlanta almost all my life, and have not went to Club Queens. Dunn P was telling me about it..

    I'm going one of these Saturday's though..

    I take it this blog is based in Atlanta abi?

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