Presidential Election: Mohammadu Buhari Formally Declares Intention to Contest



Formal declaration of General Mohammadu Buhari to run for President under the All Progressives Party (APC). The General has officially declared his intention to run for president in the 2015 elections.

He made the announcement yesterday at Eagle Square, Abuja.


The event was attended by Lagos State governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola; Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi; Governor of Edo State, Adams OshiomholeGovernor of Nasarawa State, TankoAl-Makura;  and others.


Mohammadu Buhari stated that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was responsible for the poor shape of the nation. He promised to make the country better if elected.

Below are some excerpts from his speech:

The interference in the wish of the people, which PDP has practised since 2003, is the worst form of injustice: denying people their right to appraise their candidate. Whether they like it or not, injustice cannot endure.

Since 1999, PDP has presided over our country’s decline. Nigeria, in my experience, has never been so divided, so polarised by an unthinking government, hellbent on ruling and stealing. We in the APC are resolved to stop them in their tracks and rescue Nigeria from the stranglehold of PDP…

I want to pay tribute to Nigerians who are enduring all sorts of hardship and degradations on a daily basis.

Many are grappling with extreme poverty and barely eking out a living. Nearly all are in living in the fear of their lives, also of their friends and family, due to insurgency by the godless movement called Boko Haram.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is everyone’s duty to resolve and help overcome these immense challenges. I will like to appreciate members of our armed forces under the new leadership. I will also like to commend the police for their efforts in confronting these challenges…”



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