7 Tips On Buying Cheap Billy Joel Concert Tickets

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Billy Joel is one of the legendary rock and roll songwriters and musical performers that have graced the face of the Earth. His prowess in playing the piano has earned him the name ‘Piano Man.’ He also has a broad fan base worldwide. For these reasons, most of his concerts are packed to the brim – no one wants to miss his performance.  

If you’re a certified Piano Man fan, once you’re made aware of a concert date in your city, you must purchase a ticket to guarantee entry. Fortunately, you don’t need to want to tear a hole on your pockets for there are cheap concert ticket options you can avail yourself of.

Don’t know how to buy inexpensive event passes? For that matter, here are five tips on buying cheap Billy Joel concert tickets: 

  1. Buy Online From Trusted Vendors 

Technological advancements allow you to visit online merchant sites to find tickets to see Billy Joel. It’s convenient for the early birds who don’t want to miss any of his concerts. 

Buying tickets from online sites allows you to go through several sites and review their prices. You can settle on the most budget-friendly offering. Other than that, most sites typically give discounts to early buyers, an opportunity to save more cash. Moreover, you do it from your home’s comfort. No need to make long queues at ticket box offices as the concert date approaches. 

  1. Take Advantage Of Presale Tickets 

For most concerts, there’s always the option of buying presale tickets. These are designed for diehard fans and supporters who frequently follow updates about their favorite musician. However, they’re limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. The good thing is that they’re cheaper than conventional tickets, so you’d want to grab the opportunity. 

You can inquire from the host’s websites, fan clubs, or social media sites about the availability of such tickets. Then, move fast before resellers get their hands on them and sell them at a higher price.  

  1. Buy Tickets For Cheaper Seats 

It’s a trick that works magic for such a concert. Billy Joe’s popularity sparks stiff competition for the VVIP and VIP lounge. Sitting in these sections offers a clear view of the performer plus other benefits like better seats, pre-show parties, autographs by Billy himself, an opportunity to meet and greet the artist, and exceptional sound quality. But you can choose to forego these niceties and buy tickets for cheap seats, as their demand is less.  

  1. Wait Till The Last Minute 

Resellers may sometimes decide to drop prices on any remaining tickets as the concert nears to ensure they don’t go to waste. So, waiting until the last minute could be an option, though not guaranteed. If the demand is too high, the concert may sell out far before the date. 

  1. Choose Back Row Seats 

More often than not, front row seats are usually expensive because of the audience’s unobstructed and close-up view of the performer. You can forfeit this privilege and go for the less-demanded seats if you’re on a budget. All in all, you’ll still feel the thrill of Billy’s live performance regardless of which corner of the music hall you sit in.  

  1. Use Safe Payment Methods 

If you buy your ticket before the day of the concert, you’ll have to present evidence of purchase to those operating the gates, failure to which you may be locked out of the event. With that in mind, avoid cash, wire transfers, or debit cards. These put you at risk of losing your money if the tickets are from a fraudulent seller, and you’ll have to pay for another ticket to participate in the concert. 

To avoid such predicaments, ensure you’re using a safe payment method. You can opt to pay with your credit card so as to have the advantage of recourse in case the tickets aren’t genuine.  

  1. Confirm The Details 

Your ticket seller should be able to give you the ticket number and the seat. This will ensure you’re not getting conned. You can also confirm if there’s another ticket bearing your number in the market by calling the concert organizers and cross-referencing their records.


It certainly feels good to see the Piano Man Billy Joel perform without spending a fortune. That’s the whole essence of getting a cheap ticket to his concerts. Your winning point is purchasing one the moment tickets hit the stores instead of waiting for the last minute when sellers have hiked the prices to cash in on the late comers. 

While at it, be careful with the site where you purchase tickets, so you don’t get scammed. You could also employ other tricks like getting the non-VIP seats or waiting for sellers to drop the prices once demand goes down. Ultimately, you’ll be part of one of the most electrifying performances globally.