#14th Headies 2020: Confusion as Tems emerges Next rated award winner on Wikipedia


The #14th Headies 2020 is currently underway and while it’s been highly anticipated, the show got off to a slow start, beleaguered by a myriad of technical difficulties.

In fact at some point on the show both video and audio were lost.

With the #14th Headies 2020 still on-going and no awards presented yet, free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia updated the Next rated category recipient list on their site to show alte singer Tems as the winner of the category.

A search on the encyclopedia’s headies next rated awards shows a list of nominees with the winner of the award highlighted in green. The list at the time of publishing has Tems as the winner of the next rated category award.

Was the award announced during the technical blip? or Perhaps this is a mistake from Wikipedia.


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