Young Folk Do Not Greet Anymore!


Ok! Before i go into the focus of this piece, let me start by saying i am guilty as charged! When i walk into a room, the first thing I’d do is give a hearty Good morning or afternoon or evening everybody! Except i am in a terrible frame of mind. I also sometimes find myself randomly greeting elderly strangers on the streets, don’t know why; maybe due to culture or upbringing- i simply cannot pin-point the reason for now…

In some other climes, it might come off as freaky.. Walking by and greeting everyone that comes along, which could make a lot of people quite uncomfortable. I hate to cite this beautiful nation again; but over here in Nigeria – maybe some parts, if you walk past elders without greeting, your ears might get so filled up, you’d go deaf.. I am even going too far, I’ve had elders call me out, asking “Who is your mate here, that you will just throw greetings in the sky, are we supposed to scramble for it”? Sometimes, i ignore, other times i blow up. I mean, it’s not an obligation to greet you, i did out of courtesy but somehow you feel the need to teach me how to greet properly???

What exactly do we derive from people, especially young strangers greeting us? Why can’t we all just mind our freaking businesses or focus on stuff that actually matter if we have no pressing business issues to handle? Asking this question makes me question a lot about the African culture – not to say that western culture is better in anyway…. It seems to me like our African culture created an environment filled with hostility towards each other, envy and lack of a healthy self-esteem. We’ve heard all sorts; “Do not look at elders eye-to-eye while greeting them“, “Do not talk while your elders are talking“, “Greet everyone you see because, you never know where you’ll need them” and so on…

Of course, it is an esteem issue if you cannot handle the fact that not all younger persons that walk by would want to greet you! As a girl especially, ‘Ashewo- prostitute’, might make it into the equation simply because you didn’t greet. I once heard some guy say, most young girls do not greet because old men have started f****** them. Why so angry yo! Deal with your issues plix! The lack of pleasantries is not to be blamed.


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