You No Holy Pass 2


So the other day a picture of 3 men accused of being gay, stripped naked and bound with ropes hit twitter. Apparently the picture was taken somewhere in Imo State and the men were supposedly “caught in the act” of being gay. They were beaten, and paraded around naked.

A few weeks before that I saw a video of some lesbians forced to have sex with each other while being insulted and threatened. Apparently they too were “caught doing lesbian acts.” What is really up with that?

Now I’m not gay nor do I really think it’s right, but why do some Nigerians feel like it’s our right to fish out exert punishment on gay people. A lot of them humiliated and defiled because of their sexual orientation. Who gave you the right? How does what a gay couple does in their house affect your life. Has it removed money from your pocket? Has it fixed corruption? Common son.

When I tweeted my thoughts on this topic, some people attacked me on some it’s morally wrong, it’s an abomination against God, You must be gay, etc. Hmmm… Let’s see, so you are the one with no sin, and can throw stones? You are the holy one that hasn’t sinned before abi. God has already written your name in the book of life right? Please take long bench. I’m not a big quoter of bible verses, but even in the bible, an adulterer was forgiven by Jesus when she was condemned to being stoned to death by the community. Christianity is a religion about love, and acceptance, not condemning and persecuting.

For some reason in Nigeria we tend to take some imaginary high moral ground, and point down at other people “sinning” and say it’s bad and those sinners are going to hell. I mean someone that sleeps around, or someone that steals govt money vs someone that is gay, guess what? If we’re talking sin, they are both going to hell. Last time I heard there aren’t different temperatures in hell. Or special rooms for those that sinned but are not gay.

That’s how some Nigerians were jumping up and down in Nigeria about not supporting Obama anymore cos he believes gay people should be able to marry/have civil unions. Oho! Is that so? So you don finish with our problems of no light, insecurity, corruption, ethnic violence and crooked politics that you can now worry about what 2 people are doing in their rooms in a country 5268  miles away from you. I’m getting it.

Bottom line is, just cos you don’t agree with someone’s way of life or how they do things doesn’t give you right to persecute them. Does not give you the right to condemn them, because in reality we’re not God, and we have all sinned. And all we should do is worry about our own problem, and no dey point fingers all the time. I’m sure some people will attack me for this post, but nah that one concern una.

Like I said earlier, regardless of if you think it’s right or wrong, it’s not your place to persecute, cos my brother, my sister, You No Holy Pass.


  1. Amen! Preach! Tell’em,

    We as a people need to learn to live and let others live. I don’t know if there’s anything else anyone can add to what you’ve said. Most of my gay/lesbian friends are the nicest folks I’ve ever met. However they choose to let off steam is none of my business.
    Again, he without sin, cast the first stone.

  2. Is it ur duty to post dis? U b big fool for writing dis even if u re gay or not…so so ur re trying to say ritualist nd internet fraud shd b giving free hand…Guy even in d bible u re talkin abt der is nor room 4 sexuality..get sense

    • Kerosman strike me as person wey like to de take last in all things. People like you jump to conclusions without simple analysis of situations. If your basis of judgement or moral compass is Bible/religion based, then you have failed already because judgement is not up to you. Also sin is sin and all will be punished. What gives you a sinner the right to judge another sin?

      Abeg find one very big yard and park very well. Carry go.

  3. @Kerosman why are you so site blinded so if you have a gay kid ull kill him cos he is gay nigga or bitch whoever you are dnt judge no one let God take care of it do u and move ur way dnt be a fucking hypocrite

  4. @Naija..der is no site blinded qstn is, hw der no judge in d time of JESUS? Hw der not rule guidin d pple(I’m nt takin abt jungle justice)..Gay/Lesiban is a act in mst case nd if givin free, things may end up difft 4rm wat u re finkin.. I’m nt against any persons bt if d law of a country against it we shd try nd Keep 2 it…

    • Just because there’s a law on how homosexuals should be treated, doesn’t mean the law is right. The law in itself violates the rights of such individuals. But then, we all know human rights in Nigeria exists just in theory. And mind you, just because the Bible doesn’t mention homosexuality, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist then. And Oh, while’ you’re looking to justify your homophobia using the bible, why don’t you take the time out to do a lil research about King James (who wrote the king james’ version of the bible) and his sexual life.

  5. @Kerosman u make no point. Fraudsters steal from other people, ritualists kill other people. What exactly does a gay person do to affect another life negatively? Nothing.

    If you have serious point state it, if not pour akamu on your keyboard and throw it away.

  6. @bushgirl..u even gat no ideal of wat u re sayin cuz u ve not experience force nd humiliation let jst don’t go further

  7. Hahaaaaaaaaaa ohh boy *kerosman* Free Matter.. If U get Opinion just pust am for Blogg.. Emmm But befor then pls Consult the Oxford Dictionary.. Chaiii dis *Bushgirl* harsh Gan… Haahaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Υя sexual orientation does nt judge wнσ u are..neither should anybody justify sum1 else…Вυн ∂ truth ιѕ homosexuality leads тσ countless of oda sins….rape,sodomy and all….sincerely..itS bad!!! ¢σѕ pple do ιт doesn’t make ιт any better dan wαт our leaders are doin вυн should 2wrongs make a right?

  9. I nor Blame whoever post this. Its so obvious u got gay friends, I got a few too. But the fact is this what they do is so wrong, if u r truly a christain u won’t post this. I dey shame for you

    • so being a Christian mean you carry God’s judgements for him? means you make other people’s lifestyle your business? All you so called “christians,” need to start thinking for yourself…. read the Bible for yourself and understand that people have the right to choose for themselves whatever lifestyle they want to live and whoever they want to live it with.

    • Felix, You know, just as everyone has a nose, everyone has an opinion. You don’t have to agree with what he’s saying but don’t resort to insults… If you can’t express your displeasure with gay people in a respectable manner, just keep your mouth shut. Jaguda can post whatever they want to. It’s their blog. If you can’t take their views, go right on ahead and start up your own homophobic blog if you want.

  10. Nigerians can be so unnecessarily judgemental, saw those pix and videos too and it was soo sad and that is 1 reason why this country is getting worse because we focus on trivialities and leave major problems hanging. As the bible itself said focus on the rafter in ur own eye before pointing to d straw in your brother’s own; also nobody is to judge others, cos no1 is a saint

  11. you all going against gay people should go to school and be there life and they do whatever they can u go against some one that choose to be gay or lesbain,how is that your problem..nigerian’s wake up.thanks aribaba,i wish to see you now..will get you drunk for this post..we should print out bill of notice and handle it to everyone and post it on the wall in every nigeria..its time to wake up

  12. If we shuld talk abut gay life…belive me top politicians are gay nd suck dicks…its just dat people dat life is not Godly. So we shuld all do wats right 4 christ sake but not do it d way we nigerians are doin(violently nd in humanly)God is of love nd peace not of violence…atleast we can talk sence in2 dem by shown dem d light of d word of God

  13. He made them Man & Woman, not Man & Man / Woman & Woman. My friend, before giving a talk on morals, kindly and carefully read the story of Sodom & Gomorrah. I’m not judging anybody, but you shouldn’t make sinful acts look normal or proper, if you’re encouraging it and makes you worse than the perpetrators, as you’ll be leading more people astray.
    Because alot of people are embarking on something, doesn’t make it right.
    To all currently involved in it, please correct your ways while you’re still alive, Jesus is coming soon.

  14. We are all of the we have no power/right to judge our fellow brothers/sisters. Am not say that being GAY is good but in life we have a choice. We are the God of ourselves. They are humans like the rest …


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