The Year in Review: 20 Moments We Wont Forget About 2014


2014 has been a super eventful year with many highs and lows, and numerous talking points. We take a step back and look through the year that was, and touch on the 20 things from 2014 that we wont forget. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious.

  • Chibok Girls Kidnapped | Bring Back Our Girls


This goes without saying really. If there’s one thing we will never forget about 2014 it has to be the 200+ girls kidnapped in Chibok, Borno and the ensuing #bringbackourgirls campaign that followed. The handling of the situation by the Federal Govt and Military didn’t help matter and before we knew what was happening it was worldwide headline news with protests getting as far as New York, London, Malaysia and notable names Michelle Obama, P-Diddy and Tyrese aiding the #bringbackourgirls movement.

Sadly till date the girls are still missing, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any hope. The whole incident and the handling of it will without a doubt be the biggest story of 2014 in Nigeria.

  • Boko Haram Bombings Reach A Peak; Cue in Female Suicide Bombers


2014 was the year that saw Boko Haram’s reign terror sky rocket to a full scale war on Nigeria. They’ve gotten bolder with daring kidnappings (see above), attack on schools, prisons, motor parks and in almost every major city in the North eastern part of Nigeria.

But 3 things will stick out when 2014 and Boko Haram are remembered. Capturing of towns and flying their flags, thereby officially declaring war on the state, kidnapping of over 200 girls (still missing) and the emergence of female suicide bombers, some as young as 13. How this is still happening is anyone’s guess but it’s super astonishing nonetheless.

In 2014, Boko Haram became the deadliest terrorist group in the world in terms of numbers killed.


  • Diaris God O


From the PR madness and the shabby handling of Chibok girls kidnapping came about something that became a mainstream hit in Nigerian pop culture – “Diaris God O”.

The first lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan, in an attempt to investigate the kidnappings of the girls called a meeting with some of the parents, officials of the school where the girls were kidnapped, and other interested parties. During this meeting she broke down in “tears”, and some of the phrases she made in the video clip became household slangs for the rest of the year. Needless to say there are now tons of songs and movies now with references to this clip.

Na Only Us Waka Come. Those bloods shared in Borno will answer. A sad thing but still hilarious.



  • Kefee, Zara, Amaka Igwe, Zee World Pass On


Every year people die, including some notable names in the entertainment industry but it never gets easier to handle. Kefee’s sudden death came as a huge blow to many in the industry, and Zara losing her long battle with Multiple Sclerosis brought tears to many eyes. Nollywood producer Amaka Igwe’s death, and upcoming act ZeeWorld’s lost battle with cancer also put a huge hole in Nigerian entertainment.

Looking back, we say RIP, and may God continue to be with their loved ones.

  • Linda Ikeji Shutdown
Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

It was like a real life internet industry soap opera playing out before our eyes. Nigeria’s top blogger Linda Ikeji faced allegations of copyright infringements and a certain Mr Aye Dee was spearheading the campaign.

The drama that unfolded was epic especially on social media. Linda Ikeji’s blog was eventually shutdown in the midst of everything, but eventually restored a few days later, and she put out all the secrets and details of her previous encounters with Mr Aye Dee. You should’ve seen the comments. Oh boy!

Finally, we’re glad she’s back.

  • Ebola


Before 2014, most Nigerians couldn’t tell you much about Ebola except that it’s in some random far away African country and you die once you contract it, but many would not have imagined that in 2014 the deadly disease landed right at our doorstep.

After the index case Patrick Sawyer entered Nigeria, the disease spread pretty quickly with about 20 people contracting it. The panic set in almost immediately with many rumors flying around, and false information being spread like wildfire. Fortunately, thanks to a solid medical effort spearheaded by Dr Stella Adadevoh, and the Ministry of Health the disease was able to be contained, and 12 out of 20 survived it.

Comparing that to the fatalities in Guinea, Sierra Lone and Liberia, you can see that Nigeria handled with extremely well. Kudos.

  • No AFCON for Defending Champions


Nigerian Super Eagles are the champions of African football, but in a funny way they will not be defending their crown at the upcoming African Nations Cup of Nations because… wait for it… they did not qualify.

How? After winning the trophy last year, and making it to the 2nd round of the World Cup, how did we not qualify for the nations cup? Many questions, very little answers. However way you slice it, it’s a big stain on what has been a pretty impressive couple of years for Nigerian football.

  • Doro-madness


Songs come and songs go, but some songs pretty much take over pop culture, and that’s exactly what Don Jazzy and the Mavin’s Dorobucci did for us in 2014. The buzz was crazy more especially cos of the abstract word, Doro, which we’re still not sure what it means.

Everything was doro-this, and doro-that. Doro-jump, doro-stand, doro-start, doro-end. Everything that could be prefixed with doro was prefixed, and even those that really don’t make sense. All in all it was a doro-2014.

  • Shoki Dance


While dorobucci might have had all the internet trends and major buzzing on social media, on the streets the Shoki dance reigned supreme. There were many versions of Shoki but the one that stood out the most is Lil Kesh’s version, more specifically the remix with Olamide & Davido.

Everywhere you went, and shoki was played it was like an infectious virus spreading through the dance floor. The dance is dope sha for what it’s worth. Sad thing is that by this time next year we might have forgotten all about it.


  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The ALS Ice bucket challenge was a trend that went viral through the entire world. First starting in the USA, the challenge which included pouring a bucket of ice to raise awareness for ALS disease quickly became a trend everywhere else, and yes including Nigeria.

Now some people might have thought Nigerians have bigger fish to fry in terms of issues, but it did trend for a bit, and many Nigerian celebrities joined in on the challenge. And it was fun to watch 🙂

  • Tiwa Savage Wanted Video


Oh Tiwa Savage broke the Nigerian internet before Kim K came along months later. She did so when she debuted the video to her single, Wanted and got the whole social media buzzing for days for a lot of reasons. Watching the video will give you an idea why, and a million views give you a million more reasons.

Plus the memes and jokes that came out from it were priceless. We still got many to use for the future.

  • Davido vs WizKid


First WizKid took a subliminal shot, the Davido responded then WizKid took another, and before you knew what was happening WizKid and Davido were at war of words with each other with threats even flying through to each other. It doesn’t help when everyone seems to compare Davido and WizKid all the time.

The only thing we didn’t get to see were diss records. That would’ve made everything super legit, but it’s ok. Even though they shook hands and hugged at the headies, something tells me this is far from over.

  • WizKid vs More People

It almost seemed like it was open season this year on beefing WizKid. While his issues with Davido while still going on, his former main producer, and ace man Samklef came all out for WizKid saying he doesn’t like him anymore, and pretty much that WizKid is a f*cked up person. Saeon threw her own stones after not being happy with WizKid’s promotional effort for their single together despite the fact that she paid 1.5 million naira to him.

There was the one with Sarz, even though we’re not sure how true it is, and we wont forget about the little sub message WizKid threw to his label EME shortly after his album dropped.

  • Stephen Keshi Fired and Rehired


Along with the Super Eagles up and down year came a similar trend with their head coach Stephen Keshi. Even though Keshi won the African Cup of Nations last year, he still draws diveded opinion on whether he’s the long term fit for the squad. His style of football has been labelled bland and tactically inept but then, you can’t argue with results.

So it should come as no surprise that while the Super Eagle struggled to qualify for the African Cup Of Nations, the NFF fired Stephen Keshi midway through the campaign. What was surprising though was that he was rehired barely a week later to complete the job of qualifying for AFCON. As we’ve earlier in this post, he failed, and now we’re all looking at ourselves wondering what next?

  • Banky W & Arik Air Flight Protest


Back in April a video surfaced online showing frustrated Arik Air passenger on a flight bound to New York from Lagos heavily protesting the fact that the AC had been off during most of stay prior to take off. In the video you see the passenger causing serious havoc on the board, and even threatening to break into the cockpit.

The extra juice here is that RnB star, Banky W was on board that flight, and was trying calm things down, but no one was trying to hear any of that. Especially one particular guy who was ready to fight Banky. LOL. It’s a funny video to watch.

  • Tiwa Savage’s Wedding and Marriage Issues


Tiwa Savage’s wedding was arguably the most talked about Nigerian wedding. In April 2014 Tiwa Savage and Tunji Tee-Billz Balogun said “I do” in the company of friends and family in a very lavish way. First off they had their wedding in Dubai, and then the beauty of the dress that Tiwa Savage had one. Wow! It was attended by many celebrities and of course blog posts were flying all over the place.

So it was kind of weird when just months later rumors started floating around about marital problems. Even though all the rumors have been squashed it’s not a good sign having rumors about your marriage go public just months after the wedding. Publicity stunt or not.

  • Ini Edo Divorce


After 6 years of what has been described as a tough marriage Ini Edo and her ex-husband Phillip Ehiagwina finally called it quits and got a divorce. There has been various reasons floating around for the divorce including accusations of infidelity, inability to have kids, financial problems and more.

Whatever the reasons were it’s safe to say both of them have been able to move from it albeit in different directions, and we certainly wish them the best in the future. Ini Edo is not wasting anytime using her retail therapy right as she splashed a solid 38 million naira on a G-Wagon for herself.

  • TB Joshua Building Collapse

tb joshua

T.B. Joshua popular for his bold predictions in almost anything predictable couldn’t have predicted what would happen to his Synagogue building in Lagos on September 12th, 2014. His building collapse killing almost 80 (though initial reports have it 15). The ensuing drama is what has made this even more bizzare.

First there was the dispute in numbers dead, then accusations from T.B Joshua that he was attacked by a strange flying object over his building, and then finally the bribery scandal that followed alleging that journalists were paid to write good stories about him. But probably the most bizarre yet is that no one has been help responsible yet.

  • Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Divorce


Seeing divorce from notable names is not much of a surprise anymore. However seeing it from a man of God is as shocking as you’ll see in that area. That’s how a lot of faithful christians felt after learning of the divorce of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy.

The divorce was bad enough, but then the drama following made it worse with his ex-wife Anita releasing details of the divorce case, and Pastor Chris indicating that Anita is not a woman of God. Talk about Drama Embassy.


  • World Cup


Hey! It’s a world cup year, and more especially one that Nigeria participated in. It goes without saying that the World Cup was probably the most watched sporting event in Nigeria, and probably the world as a whole.

How Nigeria performed? It depends on how you look at it. On one hand we made it past the group stages for the first time in 16 years, and did pretty well especially compared to other African countries. Goalie Vincent Enyema being the star man for the team. On the flipside as mentioned before, we were pretty painful to watch a times. The 0-0 draw against Iran sums it all up.

But besides Nigeria, there was a lot more to watch at the World Cup. Brazil’s epic 7-1 loss to Germany, Tim Howard’s heroics, Costa Rica’s Cinderella story, James Rodriguez becoming a star, Messi losing the final so narrowly, and of course the Germans lifting the trophy.


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