Y’all Should Credit Burna Boy For The Mannequin Challenge Trend


Dancehall sensation and Patois speaking artiste Burna Boy is one Nigerian celebrity we love to hate. Unfortunately, the singer who hails from Rivers state is hugely underrated. Even underrated feels like an understatement. Burna Boy is most often overlooked.

Well for sometime now the social media space has gone berserk with a new trend called mannequin challenge. Okay,  if you are a social media addict or social media active you would know what the mannequin challenge looks like. For someone who isn’t into the social media craze, the mannequin challenge is the latest trend where participants record themselves in a motionless or still state just like any mannequin you must have seen. Partipants stay motionless while on any task with popular songs like Rae Sremmurd ‘Black Beatles’ playing on the background. The mannequin challenge has over 400,000 post with the hash tag #mannequinchallenge on instagram only. Same outrageous number on twitter and other social media platforms.

The very popular mannequin challenge has been done by many celebrities. Notably, Kevin Hart, 2 Chains and even the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have all done it. Back here in Nigeria our celebrities are buying into the fad. Do I mention names??? Yes, MI, Falz have all done it. Well the trend keeps growing maybe I will do mine when am done writing this piece.


The internet credits the origin of the  mannequin challenge to a Florida high school student with Emili Jacksonville with twitter handle @thvtmelanin_ and that is a huge error. Same way Kanye West claimed he originated the floating stage concept, meanwhile somewhere Cassper Nyovest used the same floating stage for his Fill Up The Dome concert. Burna Boy deserves accolades for the mannequin challenge trend.

Sadly, now the internet has got it all wrong again. Heck it’s too bad our African original ideas are plagiarized without credits and references to us.

Burna Boy originated the mannequin challenge!!! Read out the last sentence aloud and let it sink in. It’s true it did not go with the fancy name mannequin challenge but hell yeah Burna Boy did it first. The still life vibe came from Africa particularly Nigeria before it became cool and trendy with a fancy name.

Special thanks to Burna Boy and music video director Matt Max for initating the concept in the latter’s video for his  afrobeat hit Soke. The afrobeat song Soke was released on the 2nd of May 2015. That makes it over a year and 5 months before the rest of the world caught the vibe.


This makes Burna Boy one celebrity who is always sandwiched in controversy and who we all love to hate practically a trend setter, a pioneer and a pathfinder.

Hey, before we all forget or act like we don’t know, Burna Boy introduced us to this new vibe about some 18 months back. It may not have been called mannequin challenge back then but the concept is undeniable. Let’s applause Burna Boy on this one. Don’t act like you don’t know. The mannequin vibe ain’t western. We own it, one of our own did it first.

Watch Soke video below.




  1. Correct me if I’m wrong o but I thought Matt Max who by the way directed Burna’s “Soke” had a thing for this mannequin thingy in his videos? I may be wrong o but I think I had seen it done in a Matt Max video prior to “Soke” sef.

  2. Sorry composer…… But you should find out things better before posting any stuff, try to look around music video, burna boy is never the first person to try it in a movie video, even Asha has done all dis b4………..try to go out on YouTube and make ur findings

  3. Watch Coco Ice music video, directed by same Mattmax. This video was shot in 2012 if am not mistaking.

  4. never rush into making claims, those ‘still shot’ have been in existence before Burna boy’s “soke” video Asa have it in one of her old video and prior to that its has been in countless videos don’t give Burna a credit he doesn’t deserve


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