Wizkid FC A Toxic Fan Base But One To Die For


Nigerian pop superstar Wizkid often now touted as a legend in his own rights has a horde of supporters to thank partly for his continued dominance at the summit of African music. These seldom throngs of hotheads are officially referred to as Wizkid Fan Club, Wizkid FC for short.

The Starboy amassed some of these fans from day one when he debuted with ‘Holla At Your Boy‘ and they have stuck around ever since. Others have joined in as he continued to make huge leaps and staggering achievements in music. Those sitting on the fence have been forced to join the bandwagon as the movement waxes stronger daily.

Being in the music business boils down to having the numbers, and even more numbers for record sales, streams, concert tickets sale etc, a big fan base delivers all that. All through his career, Wizkid has seemingly amassed his followership and their unwavering loyalty much so organically. The millions of fans scattered around the world are not a by-product of giveaways or some gimmicks, it has to be about a genuine love for the art and the artiste.

However, the fan club became a well-established entity after the king of the fandom made custom jerseys for his fans in partnership with Nike in 2018. A little form of identity to distinguish the fan base. In September when the Nike X Wizkid customised jerseys were put out for sales, it sold out in about 10 minutes, a record that seems untouchable. This was one of the many ways the fan base has proved its loyalty and strength in numbers.

As far as music in Africa is put in perspective, the Starboy has the biggest stans with a domineering online presence. These hotheads have over the years saddled themselves as the number one PR machinery for their king. Armed with facts and half-truths, Wizkid FC leads the charge in online music engagement around this clime. These days the Starboy doesn’t need to do much online to trend because the fans got him covered, he trends effortlessly even while fast asleep. The FC can almost take on any music fan base in Africa and win easily.

They have often shown their dedication in the streaming of Wizkid’s music catalogue on a steady loop. Those massive stream numbers, YouTube views and engagement would not be possible without such die-hards. They have often without fail pushed their king to the top of the charts on some of these music streaming platforms and digital stores. That’s a fan base to die for. In this period in which the world battles the novel Corona Virus pandemic, online music sales and stream from digital stores becomes very important for the survival of an artiste. They do not only show support in words but with their money too.

Twice Wizkid has sold out the 20,000 capacity O2 Arena, London all thanks to the FC who purchased tickets in their thousands for this and many other shows headlined by him. The Starboy Fest has been a back to back success both at home and abroad since inception. Nothing beats a fandom that pays to receive premium entertainment from an artiste.

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For starters, Wizkid has the most followed official fan page across several social media platforms. On Instagram, @Wizkidnews has nearly two million followers, on Twitter @WizkidSource has over 300k in followership, this excludes other smaller groups with the same objective. These numbers are enough reasons to get other colleagues envious. Without fail they have defended their own from external aggression and cheap slander.

Many Nigerian artistes have oftentimes tried to romance Wizkid FC just so they can look in their direction. Some have openly expressed their admiration for the fervour exhibited by stans of the Starboy. They would also do anything to have a quarter of such a loyal fan base. This has to be a lesson to them that building a fan base isn’t something you leave to chance.

On the flip side, Wizkid FC can take up a monstrous and toxic nature, battle-ready for anyone who dare disparages the king. These stans can cuss you out if you share any opinions oddly parallel and deficient in adoration of Wizkid, it is perceived as a sin. It is rare to see Wizkid FC applaud other colleagues of the Starboy who have done things worthy of acknowledgement, they always seem to vilify genuine efforts by others.

Sometimes in a bid to always rep the king, they peddle false stats, tell half-truths and push baseless arguments. They always bring the guns out during the slightest disagreement.

They have on different occasions belittled the efforts of supposed rivals of the Starboy like Davido and Burna Boy. Wizkid FC has been a thorn in the flesh for Davido for the most part of his career. They have antagonized the “Dami Duro” crooner at the slightest provocation. Both Davido and Burna Boy have recently expressed their disgust for fans of Wizkid who seem uncontrollable without consequence.

Even though Wizkid has his shortcomings, his stans look the other way as he can do no wrong in their eyes. They gas him up a little too much it becomes a blessing and a curse. In any case, Wizkid drops a project or track that is below par according to his past standards, the FC would still dive headlong to stream and promote same without hesitation.

In fact, Wizkid FC is the single reason Davido stans have become more visible and active online. It was an emphatic moment when the horde took on fans of Jamaican singer in NS10v10 battle of hits and won with a wide margin. The unity among Wizkid FC was enviable as they took on Vybz Kartel Gaza nation to ensure maximum victory.

It is healthy to enjoy music from other artistes without bias even as a fan of Wizkid. With all the malignant traits aside, a fan base such as this is worth dying for. In the end, repping Wizkid to the max is also flying the Afrobeats flag to the highest levels.


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