WHITNEY HOUSTON….Heaven Heard Her Song, In Heaven She Must Belong


I woke up at 4:37 am then instinctively reached for my blackberry curve to see who had left me a message while I was sleeping. The messages where several so ignoring them for a brief moment I glanced through my contact updates only to see several people had changed their display pictures to varied pictures of Whitney Houston.

I felt nothing for a few seconds and then it hit me. I felt the same way when Michael Jackson died.

When we say how affected we are by the death of powerful musicians like these we do so because of the mental and emotional company they kept us while we grew up.

As a teenager I felt out of place and still do but her music kept me going because I would tell myself ‘Someday, Christine you will be like her. You will meet her and she’ll tell you are not doing too badly yourself…’

Whitney Houston was loved by many, adored, worshipped but gravely misunderstood. Yet she remained an inspiration even in her struggles. Every step of the way- in love, in fear, in heartbreak, in life her music kept me company.

I quickly went on to google to be sure it was not a stupid rumor that had become widespread and then went to youtube to watch several of her videos and cry.

My invisible friend was gone.

Many of you judge her by her weaknesses like many that have gone before her but you are wrong. She was strong enough to stay alive even when the same world who loved her picked on and mocked her. We look up to people because we see bits of ourselves in them, don’t we? Well, her life taught me that life comes with pain and joy- yes! Everything!

Before I get ready for church I watch the video of ‘I look to you’ one more time. Memories of ‘your love is my love’ still vivid in my brain. No matter what people say she will be waiting somewhere for those who love her after the judgment day. Because of how largely she dominated a lot of our lives, I hope she can help all of us who have lost loved ones send a unified message of hope when she is joined with them in heaven.

No matter what the people say, Heaven heard her song and in heaven she belongs.

RIP Whitney Houston. 1963-2012




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