WC Edition: How Seriously Do You Take Your Football?


A loss is difficult in sports but what is acceptable behavior by supporters of a team following a loss. I remember during USA’94, my first real experience of the World Cup, I was so pumped about Nigeria qualifying and playing and stayed up late to watch all our games. After making it past the group stages, I was so sure that we were going to the finals. And then Italy happened, that questionable penalty that Baggio converted. Jesus!!! My heart stopped for a second, tears enough to provide water for all of Nigeria flowed from my eyes, I slept on the balcony because I didn’t want to be around anyone and I didn’t eat for 3 days. It was a very painful way to watch our boys exit.

The world was watching yesterday as Brazil got decimated by the rebuilt German Machine, and for a second I thought it was me playing a novice on my game console but it was real. In the Span of 18 minutes, five (5) goals don enter. Talk about embarrassment especially from a country known for its rich football history and tradition and also playing on home soil. Oh and Brazil have won the most World Cups ever. For Brazil, e be like say na only Neymar waka come this WC because the one game in his absence just flipped the script.

Before the game ended, you could sense that the home crowd was not pleased at all with resounding boos and at one point they started cheering Germany’s dribbles. The Images following the game were much more troubling though. Majority of the violence after the game were reported in Sao Paulo were buses were attacked and set on fire and Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, where  people were seen burning the national flag and attacking people.







As a fan what is the limit of showing your emotions after your favorite team or home team drops the ball? How heavy will you take such a defeat?


  1. I think these Brazillian fans are an exception to the many tho. Most of them have taken their loss as it is. As for me, I think I’d go into deep depression for days.

  2. Ahhh!! Who can forget USA 94? I stayed up till almost 1am and we lost on that questionable penalty… sigh. But if did make me feel better when Baggio missed the penalty against Brazil 🙂


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