Musings Of A Retired Video Vixen (Episode 3)


I wrap my arms round his neck and he grabs my ass and lifts me up while kissing me passionately. We fall towards the bed, adjusting our bodies to accommodate each other. His hand travels to my breasts. Gosh!! the way he grabs them turns me on more. He kisses me all over my body….downwards towards my jeans. I was so lost in the moment.

Baby, lets try and take this jeans off

I adjust my body to allow him take my jeans off, wearing skinny jeans is fun and comfortable for me but always a task taking it off.

I have a problem with your jeans, diffcult to take off. How do you wear this thing, mehnn how do you even sit or breathe in them

When he finally got the jeans to my ankle, he forcefully pulls it and I hit my ankle by the side of the bed. You know this pain that confuses you, you either laugh or cry, that was how I felt, it just hurts badly.

Baby, shit am so sorry. I should have taken it easy. You turned me on badly and i was in a sorry babe.”

It’s ok hun

But the pain was too much to bear.. The intimacy buzz killed, and that was the end of a supposedly romantic night.

I have been so busy lately with school and work that I havent given my man any time lately. Also he has been travelling but we needed to spend time with each other and planned a quiet night in which now ends with pain.

OUCH!!! It hurts… both the leg and my almost getting laid

11.00pm – Goodnight.


After a week, I had a new gig and Ben was out of town for two weeks. I craved for him, not sex but just the quiet moments and little romantic gestures he did, like rub my feet or ask me to lie on top of him & sleep, or even grabbing me in his sleep like am gonna escape. I craved that…and missed that.

I told myself that after the video shoot, I will plan something sweet.

E is a very popular artist and the song they were shoooting the video for is pretty popular. The theme for the video is a pool theme, and there is going to be alot of skin baring. As much as I am confident about my body, I was nervous about this video.

The first day of the shoot was quite interesting, I arrived late because of traffic, and was already irritated that I had missed some scenes. The make up artist and costumier prepped me for the other scenes, I had to join in the party scene immediately.

Where I was placed, I was overshadowed by some chick that was basically struggling to be seen by the cameras, even to the extent of stepping on me (which hurt by the way) so I just gave her the space and was glad to jonze in the background where the camera wouldnt see me.

While the crew changed the set for the next scene, I heard her saying to someone that she hopes her parents dont see the video, or any member of her family, because she is screwed.

Bitch pleasssseeeeee!

Alcohol is passed round for the party scene but hey, since I’m irrelevant in the shoot, I remained in the background getting tipsy and filling my empty stomach with alcohol, and raising my empty glass whenever we were asked.

Basically by the end of the first day, I was slooshed and freestyling alone but I got home safely without setting p with anyone. The thing about getting tipsy is knowing your limit and also the people around you, you don’t want to wake up in his bed and spend the rest of the month asking yourself, why?

The second day of the shoot, I was up with E as a love interest. I was supposed to be all booty up in his face and lovey dovey but seriously dude’s breath stinks. Smelt like overnight suya with lots of onions, garlic and expired alomo bitters. Instant turn off. I couldnt concentrate.

Video vixens are like actors, we gotta dance and imitiate alot of emotions despite whatever you are passing through. As he grabbed me and I danced against him, it was a thing of discipline and work ethics that kept me from running off the set.

At the end of the show, I realised that despite E’s bad breath, he is a lovely person and quite quiet as well. While lights were changed and batteries charged, we chatted and even exchanged BB pins. Great conversation tho. Never buy into first impressions, life surprises you always.

I was even invited to the last day of shoot if I was interested, but I wasnt because I wanted my feet to rest from all the heels I have been wearing.


Ben : Baby, am finishing early so i will be heading back tomorrow. Will come over when i get into town.

I was excited, and needed to plan our romantic night again but first I need to get home.

9: 00pm – Goodnight


The following day, i went to the market after chilling out with the girls. I wanted to surprise Ben with goat meat pepper soup, his favourite after a long day. I brought out some beautiful sexy lingerie i had bought from Amaka awhile ago which i intend to wear tonight.

8.00pm – Phone rings…. I answer. Ben most times cant be bothered to knock at the door. He just calls.

Baby, am at the door.

I open the door, we hugged each other when he stepped inside. Let the night begin…

I served him the pepper soup..while we talked about his trip.

“Baby, you are the best. Thank you for I needed this pepper soup. I nearly fell asleep on my couch after i showered but i know if i didnt show, you wont be happy. Missed your wahala though“.

‘I missed you too, but if you had explained I would have understood”.

I cleared the plates and washed, prepared for bed. I was wearing this grand mother nightie i know he hates. As I approached the bed, he said..

Madam, what are you wearing? You know i dont like this your granny nightie. Hope you are not coming to bed in that

I stood infront of him, and said..

Oya take it off naa, I will sleep naked. Dont say i am rubbing my butt against you

He took it off and underneath, my sexy lingerie…

The way he looked at me, made my insides dance alanta..

Baby, you are just too funny. This is beautiful, turn around let me see what it looks like from the back. I love, alot…you want to drive my tired bones crazy tonight. Come to bed

I turned off the light and climbed into bed with my darling.

10 :00pm – Goodnight


  1. Who said this writer that I happen to know personally isn’t good. Good job hon! Waiting impatiently for the next episode


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