Two To Review: D’banj – Finally, Beazy – I’m In The Mood


So last week I reviewed D’banj’s Blame It On The Money and needless to say I was crucified for ‘being a hater’, but truth is that song was nothing to write home about, and I stand by my review and rating. But alas, we’re back again another sunday, and we are reviewing yet another song from D’banj :). Hopefully I don’t get crucified for this one too, and if I do who cares? I’m just an ordinary blogger anyways.

We’ll also be touching Beazy’s joint, I’m In The Mood.

D’banj – Finally

Now this is a jam we can all be proud of. D’banj ‘bounces’ black heavily with this track that is sure to become a serious hit all over the place. It’s a familiar formula for hit tracks – Get a catchy hook, keep the lyrics simple, and throw in some dance instructions. Alas, you have a track that everyone from age 3 to 103 can dance to.

The beat is great, the lyrics are good enough, the hook is infectious, and the dance? Well you’ll soon see mine. Nice one from Eja Nla! All is not lost in that creative juice box.

If there’s anything that I don’t like about the track is….. Nothing. Nothing to say that I don’t like. *No I wasn’t threatened* LOL. The song is really good. It’s not the best song in the world, but overall you can’t say he missed the spot anywhere.

Rating – 8.5/10

Listen Here


Beazy – I’m In The Mood

Beazy is one of the most respected names in Nigerian music, and his work ethic is unrivaled. In week 7 of his second go round of Beazy Music Monday, he drops this joint Chocolate City queen, Pryse. On first listen it’s a solid track.

The beat drops and you know it’s about to something enjoyable. The beat literally puts you in the mood, and Beazy gets on and continues the vibe. Pryse does her thing as she always does, and overall you get a track that is so “11pm on the way to the club.”

If anything is wrong with the track, it’s that it doesn’t hit that climax spot that you’d want sometimes and can get a bit monotonous after a few listens. I guess it’s more intended as a chill track. Also the verses are not the best we’ve heard from both of em, but still solid.

Rating – 7/10

Listen Here


That’s all folks. We’re done this week, and hopefully no one will call me a hater, or “anyone can own a blog and write rubbish” blogger. LOL. Peace.




  1. AS far am concern u stil need 2 apologize 2 eja nla&hes fans 4 ur ratin on blame it on mone¥ if u want almight GOD 2 4gv u

  2. God sav ur 4kin blak ass, cos I knw you actuali read dose comment, dt shows ur review Is so biased, most pple dnt agree cos its so based on semtiment…guess dis is a mak


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