Two To Review: D’banj – Blame It On The Money | Chidinma – Kite


Yea we missed the past 2 weeks, and those close to me know why :). But no worries, we’re back again with two to review this week, and this week we’ll be analyzing new joints from 2 hot names in the industry today. Yep we’re talking, D’banj & Chidinma.

Let’s get right into it shall we?

D’banj – Blame It On The Money ft. Snoop Lion, Big Sean.

Yes! You saw this track with D’banj, Snoop Lion & Big Sean and you were like, Yoooo! This will be off the chain. I did too. Then I heard it.  Now don’t get me wrong, the song is not wack but it’s just not anything so wonderful.

Big Sean’s flows were less than impressive, Snoop’s was much better, Dbanj’s was below par, & the hook as catchy as it may be, is still a bit cheesy.

With that being said, the song just might be a good hit in the clubs. I can actually picture myself  screaming “Blame It On The Money!!!!!” when I’m drunk. But I wont put the song in my ipod sha.

In other news, can we get the old D’banj back? Looks like his music is now a shadow of its old sef.

Rating – 5/10

Listen Here


Chidinma – Kite

Ms Kedike! Chidinma for the most part has been pretty consistent with her music, and she rarely puts out music that doesn’t do well. With that being said, this one falls right in line with the rest of her songs.

A very nice song that has the potential for longevity, Kite taps into what we like the most about her. Very down to earth lyrics, and a melody all of us can vibe it. The only down side to the track is that it’s not necessarily Chidinma’s best vocal showing. A stronger voice might have taken the song to a new level.

Overall though, the song is very nice, Del B killed the beat and one I’ve already added to my playlist. #onrepeatfordays

Rating – 7.5/10

Listen here



  1. I knew you were ggoin yarn dust as soon as I saw d topic, nd alas you didn’t disappnt, you nid 2 reali gt ur head examined,seriosly..cos av song you v underated wit your clueless review has alwas top d chart..#Go get a life bro

  2. What do u mean by new D’banj? I sincerely feel most Nigerians should free themselves off this idiosyncratic perception of D’banj. More so, your review is economical with truth and as such lacks the much needed accuracy and technicalities expected of a review.
    Be that as it may, isn’t much of a surprise since any Tom, Dick and Harry now own a blog in Nigeria which they see as a platform to write reviews that are not only abysmal but blooper ridden.

  3. GUY go find work o,or beta stil aply as eja nla bodyguard,bcuz i can see dat u av no lyf@ll,if bringin peple down is wat u chose as carier my GOD wil surly bring down self&u wil neva get appreciated in wat u do no meta hw gud u are…as 4 u Eja Nla ride on GOD ur fanz and africa is behind u.wetin dey pain dem be say dem no get who dem won tak compare u in africa.body dey pepe dem niiii

  4. How am I supposed to take ur review seriously when u to snoop dogg’s flow was better than big sean’s. Definitely not a fan of sean but snoop was pure garbage. I do think d song was crap tho..jst saying

  5. Nigerians are funny o. So you guys want to be honest with yourselves and say dbanj’s song is not wack? Abeg that song is dripping with wack juice.

    And for those saying anyone can own a blog, this must be your first time on jaguda as if you know anything about blogging you know jaguda is one of the first blogs to do this.

    anyhoo, Chidinma’s song definitely rocks!! 7.5 is a bit harsh tho. Dbanj’s song is definitely a 3/10. 5 is too much.

    Peace. Aribaba welldone jare. Don’t let haters deter you from what you’ve been doing for 4 years strong.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen,i don’t usually do dis buh i guess i hv to.wen som1 rates a song to b gud or bad d person aint hating on d artiste or somtin bcos if u hate definitely its 4 ur pocket…we all hv listened to d song nd b4 d song was released it was over rated trust me dats marketing strategy.wen u hear dbanj pulling big sean nd snoopy on a track we all wer like “damn”!! Dbanj d real eja nla strait frm d ocean is at it agen buh wat was released nd millions of fans dwnloaded me no 1 is sayin dbanj is wack or hatin on d dude o buh d truth is dat song on its own didn’t hv a gud production quality,d lyrics wer cool buh not hot as it was expected 2 b hvin big sean nd snoop on it.nd dbanj on his own too i no is tryin 2 b versatile i get buh he wasn’t rili at his best on dat som1 reviews a song and says dis is dis 4 dis song u dnt nid 2 strt abusin any1 here cos u hv a fone nd u subscribed nd d syt doesn’t require u 2 pay money b4 u open it cos am sure if de did d same it like amazon most of y’all wunt com here 2 rain abuses on any1 or say 1 is hatin on som1.dbanj refused 2 employ der fadas abi? Or he raped der sistas dat de no of? Or e no gri syn der yunga 1s 4 him record label? Abi dem beg am money wey him no gv dem or ryt frm wen him com out dem no jst like d guy nd him music? So wtf y’all talkin bout hatin 4…som1 reviews a song nd u dnt see it 2 b a convenient ratin 2 u,u’l jst say 2 u u bliv dis nd dat shld hv bin d ratin wiv ur own reasons cos we all entitled 2 our own opinions….tnk u,afta now u all shld com nd sch in ghana without stress of writing post ume or wat eva b4 u get admitted jst wiv ur complit waec result or neco result nd ur admission is sure for any course of ur choice at all…call +233573806229 or pin 2879A92A

  7. u said its not what u xpected? what do u xpect?….

    he shld av a 16 on d track or wot?.

    if u want to criticise do it constructively, be a pundit nt all dis.


  8. Dis is nt bout d name(dbanj) or money is strictly bout d song(d beat,lyrics,deliveries n so on)let’s b objective in our argument somtimes….blame me it on d money is notin 2 rit home bout…is arrant nonsense..let’s call a spade a spade abeg abi is it nt same same dbanj dat sang(Top of d world,oliver twist,Mr endowned both original copy n remix,why me,igwe n so on)do we criticised him den,we al embrace n welcome dos songs into our world buh d likes of blame it on d money,bachelor,oyato,cash flow ar below standard abeg


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