Top 5 Covers To Adele’s Hello By Nigerian Artists


Adele’s single Hello has taken the world by storm over the last few weeks. Racking up over 320 million views on youtube, and inspiring numerous covers all over the world, and of course that has also inspired covers from Nigerian artists.

So much so that now we have a lot of covers from artists in Nigeria alone, and we’re going to rank the top 5 covers to Adele’s Hello by Nigerian artists…. So far. If it’s on this list then it’s already pretty damn good. We’re that confident.

5Yemi Sax (Sax Cover)

We didn’t say that the cover had to be singing. Yemi Sax always brings a jazzy aspect to every song, and his sax rendition of Hello is classic. You can really envision this being played at any event, wedding, elevator, bedroom in the world. Great stuff.



4David Jones David (Pidgin Cover)

I discovered this cover when someone played it for me, and honestly besides the creativity from singing the lyrics in pidgin, he’s got a pretty damn good voice. Along with being an artist, he’s also an actor and producer. Looking for another dimension to Adele’s Hello? This one got you.




Praiz has one of the best voices in Nigeria, and I’m sure when he decided to drop his cover, he got a lot of fans excited. Myself included. Praiz really killed it for real, and switched it up a bit to add some maggi. The last time Praiz jumped on big cover was Rihanna’s Stay, and he murked that one too. Please who is Joe… Praiz is who murked this. The last big




When I heard everyone was doing covers to Hello, the one person I patiently waited for was Ruby. The wait was very worth it. Ruby owned the song to the point you might have thought the song was written for her. That high note and clear voice is just pure gold. Kudos.




Is Omawumi’s cover better than the original song by Adele? Sean Tizzle thinks so, and really he has a strong point. Omawumi was the first big name in Nigeria to drop a cover to Hello, and everyone else is chasing her because in my opinion this is the best cover yet. The perfect singing we already know about, but the slow reggae influence turned this from gold to platinum. Outstanding stuff.


That’s all from me. Are there other nice covers to Hello? Possibly. But these are my top 5, and if you feel comments please drop em, and let me know which ones are your favorite.


  1. You haven’t heard Rhaffy’s own yet… Anyway, Omawumi’s was nice and so was Praiz’s. At least those are the ones I’ve heard.


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