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The ever developing Nigeria music factory which has gained its relevance in the World entertainment scene is one that must be given full regard. It is a factory that has bred, breeding and will breed more stars and talents. As the moment, the weight of the factory cannot be overlooked nor over emphasized as it has proven itself worthy. Although the scene gets larger and rowdy by the day, a couple vocalists stand out of the lot.

Here is a brief of my Top 10 vocalist not arranged in any sequential order and with regard to my views and opinions.

WANDE COAL: The original black diamond ever since inception with the defunct Mo hits has been on that a lot of peeps always look forward to hear from. His first and only album was and is still an entire hit. From the bumper to bumper days to the days when we go low on private trips, Wande Coal is yet to disappoint. He has remained the true definition of a vocalist. His voice stings and communicates. He modulates at will with his very powerful voice. His high and low pitch voices are sonorous and he makes adequate use of this advantage. What an incredible singer WC has proven himself to be.

CAPITAL F.E.M.I: This young man is indeed crowned king of RnB. He knows his onions and they know him so well too. Capital FEMI is a man who captivates with his voice. The sting in his voice hits the brains. His sonorous voice is so strong. With an entire album of good music with impeccable vocals, he has won the hearts of many. Even on dance hall and hip hop beats, he still delivers with his stand out voice. He seems to have too much good voice for one human being.

TIMI DAKOLO: Show or tell me whatever it is R Kelly or Luther Vandross do with their voice that Timi has probably not already done. The way he modulates is top notch and world class. One of the most harmonious singers in the world. Timi although not getting deserved credit for his craft is one who cannot be over looked. Timi Dakolo is vast and dynamic in his vocal usage. He is so deep.

HARRISONG: Not only is he a singer, he is also a good song writer having written several hits for many artistes. A beautiful singer he is. He has also got a very sonorous voice too. High pitch or low pitch, Harrisong delivers. He has that voice that attacks the beats well. So incredible and captivating that you might just have to put most of his songs on repeat. He is a seasoned vocalist worthy of note.

ORITSHE FEMI: Dare to argue with me on this one, go listen to both of Oritshe’s albums. He is pure talent. The way he calls his name at the introduction of every song is sensual and highly spiritual. He is one of the very few artistes with a natural falsetto. Another strong attacking voice we have in oritshe. He will probably deliver well on any genre of music. He is indeed dope.

2 FACE IDIBIA: Left to me, I wouldn’t have 2baba on this list as he is in a class of his own. He is the unarguable king of African music. Little is to be said about this man that we don’t already know. From the days of Plantashun boiz to the rave of African queen and thereafter, this man is seasoned. He is one man whom his music will live after. He has carved a niche for himself hereby creating the 2Face genre of music. He is in a class of himself alone. Almost all African acts look up to him. He is one voice in a million that hits you like raindrops. What more can I say. 2face is 2face.

BANKY W: Here comes another king of RnB. He has proven himself capable. Very harmonious and dynamic. Even when he raps, his voice stands out. He is a young man who has earned his respect. His voice is full of life. His high pitch will set you on high. Mr W struck us with the Rihanna cover of Umbrella and has ever since been doing his thing without any disappointments with regards to music.

TIWA SAVAGE: this diva came into the Nigeria music scene with the hit single Kele Kele love which many frowned at and wondered where she came from. Only a couple regarded her vocals on that song. Tiwa struck me from the first day as a very powerful singer and even till date she is yet to disappoint. Her voice penetrates and shatters. Tiwa is a lioness in the jungle, when she roars, it becomes a graveyard. Her voice is deep, it commands every beat and they just obey. Just like the way she has finally become, her voice is so beautiful.

OREZI: This young man in my opinion deserves more for this craft. He is another incredible singer and vocalist. Fine boy Orezi who released I no fit lie and High BP at inception has got great voice. Although having derailed from his RnB genre of music, Orezi still gets it right with his vocals. He remains dynamic. He can almost sound like every artiste. In my just opinion, this young man deserves more credit for his music.

FAZE: Orji Faze THE LION. He is the big masquerade that ends the show. Faze can be regarded as the best vocalist in Nigeria. Another singer without comparison. I wouldn’t want to say much about him, check out his albums from the days of Faze alone to Refazed, then hit me up. When it comes to music cum vocals, Faze is King of other kings.
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Guys do you agree with this list? For me, Waje and Paul Play not on the list?


  1. Sometimes I laugh at the people who make up these vocalists lists. Like seriously. Who ever made this list should have giving us enough facts to support this. I don’t know when people would learn that hitting high notes doesn’t automatically make u a good vocalists. We have more difficult notes that can actually make u a vocalist. I disagree with this list. Can you tell us how many of these artists that has made use of vocal techniques like Melissma, Coloturra, Arpeggio, tessitura, etc. How many of them can hit an f9 note or sing in a C6 note without struggling. Lol. Abeg, none of them have, tuface and co are good singers but not voclists. Google the difference between singers and vocalists and come up with a better list


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