Top 10 RICHEST Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth – (2017)


In time past Nigerian parents rebuked their wards for dare dreaming about becoming musicians. You dare not harbor such thoughts talk more of telling your parents about it. You’ll get a good dose of the cane and rebuke.

Fast forward to the present, music is probably one sure way to earn a good fortune for yourself. ‘Music dey pay pass some white-collar jobs these days’ and we all know these.

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Some of our artistes have been able to beat others to top the list of the richest Nigerian artistes. These values are estimated net worth (a realistic measure of wealth)  and hence used to rank these artistes.

If your favorite is not on the list, there can only be one solution. They have to double their efforts to appear on the list next time.

  1. Timaya

Ekperipapa 1 of Bayelsa Timaya is one of Nigeria’s to ten richest musicians. The dancehall king net worth comes from heavy booking fees, brand endorsement and not so much from music sales. Timaya is brand ambassador to Glo and Hennessy X. O. Cognac. His estimated net worth N1.1 Billion Naira

  1. Iyanya

Iyanya who hails from Cross River State hit stardom after he won the maiden edition of MTN project fame. After that first shot at fame subsided, he bounced back with one of the biggest hit song in his career ‘Kukere’. Iyanya has been brand ambassador to MTN, Solo phones, Dunes Nigeria and Cross River State tourism ambassador. Iyanya’s estimated net worth is put at N 1.8 Billion Naira.

  1. Banky W

Nigeria’s own king of R&B Banky W has a good share of the money generated in the music industry. A mentor to Wizkid, Banky is one of the longest serving brand ambassador for Samsung Africa. He is also ambassador to many multinational corporations and most importantly co-founder of EME records. All these and many more put his total estimated net worth at N2.3 Billion Naira.

  1. Flavour

Chinedu Okoli, who is popularly known as Flavour is not only Nigeria’s king of contemporary highlife music, his fame runs through Africa. The dreadlocks sporting musician rakes in good cash performing at big events around Africa and overseas 3 – 4 times in a week all year long. He has backed many endorsement deals, one notably with NBC (Nigerian Breweries Company). The singer is valued at an estimated net worth of N2.5 Billion Naira.

  1. Wizkid

Star boy! Wizkid who has been a big sensation on the Nigerian music scene cuts big checks yo! He is one artiste that doesn’t run short of endorsement deals, from MTN, to Glo, Pepsi etc. Wizkid who is now a bona-fide Sony Music act charges heavy fees to perform at shows. Wizkid is CEO of StarBoy Worldwide, his estimated net worth is N2.8 Billion Naira. His Sony Music deal excluded.

  1. Davido

One time for OBO – Omo Baba Olowo). Since his entry into the Nigerian music industry, Davido has always shown he has loads of money, especially when you put in mind his Nigerian billionaire father. Well, besides his father’s mulla Davido rakes in millions for himself monthly. He is well known for his ostentatious lifestyle, a Sony Music act as well as Wizkid. Davido’s estimated net worth is N2.9 Billion  Naira.

  1. 2face

2face who now prefers to be addressed as 2Baba is the most prominent of the defunct music group Plantashun Boyz. 2Baba has a music career spanning over 20 years and he has a lot of money in the bank to show for it. Aside his normal booking fees and numerous endorsements, 2Baba is a real estate investor. He owns the popular Rumours Night Club situated in Festac, Victoria Island and Ikeja. The ‘African Queen’ is valued at about estimated net worth of N4.5 Billion Naira.

  1. D’banj

These days D’banj, one of Nigeria’s biggest music export is more of a shrewd business man. He is CEO of DB records and Koko Holdings. D’banj has a  multitude of endorsements from United Nations, Bank of Industry, Slot etc. The ‘Oliver Twist’ crooner has an estimated net worth of N5 Billion Naira.

  1. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy who was a former partner with D’banj during the defunct Mo’Hits era makes number two spot. Now Don Jazzy is the CEO of the Mavin Records.  Micheal Collins has had a good number of endorsement from Samsung to Johnny Walker. He has several investments and most recently his newest company Flobyt.  The ace music producer is valued at an estimated net worth of N6.5 Billion Naira.

  1. Psquare

Sitting on the top of the list is Africa’s most successful singing duo Psquare. The singers who are from Anambra State Nigeria, are highest earning Nigerian musicians. Booking Psquare for a show definitely cost a lot as the twin charge the highest fee. Much of their money comes from booking fees, mouth watering endorsement deals, music sales and other investments. Psquare are highest grossing Nigerian artistes on YouTube. The ‘Bank Alert’ crooners own multi-million naira homes in of the best neighbourhood in Lagos. The estimated net worth of the singing twins is put at an impressive N15 Billion Naira.


  1. Comment:na your name you represent, @ Maga….. It seems you are from a rural area, or you are probably with rural mentality

  2. Wizkid is richer stop arguing if u notice they said excluding his Sony deal plus tekno just got a 4million dollar deal right so he should be here dis list is not correct

  3. Davido is reacher than wizkid far guys as for now don’t got get the biggest song in Africa witch is, IF HE MAKE SO MUCH MONEY

    • when you talking of IF by davido… what of come closer and african bad girl by wizkid. I don’t say maybe wizkid is richer than davido or not but don’t use their songs to compare each other cause wizkid don go pass davido man.

  4. Leaving out Davido’s inheritance, Wizkid is definitely richer…nd people who are shocked they are worth billions should realise they’re net worth is actually in million dollars.

  5. anyone who u like should be d richest to me forget about d richest and pray dat god will make u and i to be d no 1 richest person in nigeria dont mind dem dey are not rich both wizkid and davido should i tell u who is d richest me and my family

    • think about how you can make your money so that your family could be proud of you than calculating another man’s money without having anyone in your wallet from them……. go and hustle for your money than throwing comment on all ready made people that will not even alart your account

  6. Wizkid is a fool his an idiot an ingrate for that matter you think because he is been featured by international artiste that will make him be richer than davido de only omo baba olowo wizkid is a fool he forms alot he has forgotten where he came from i hate wizkid with passion am a rapper i will so beef him ehn that’s why i love olamide he did not forget where he came from so as OBO clear road for davido 30 billion for the account ti o wizkid and he family get that money answer me wizkid supporters fools

    • You r just running your mouth anyhow. Where wizkid came from? did they help his career in anyway. Is there any law that says a person who makes it in life is responsible for the well being of the slum which he came from. Don’t goan n think about ur life.

  7. haaaahaha, local minds thinking. a billionare in nigeria is just a couple millions in international market. dollars baby. these musicians no get money sef!

  8. Comment: Davido
    One time for OBO – Omo Baba
    Olowo). Since his entry into
    the Nigerian music industry,
    Davido has always shown he
    has loads of money, especially
    when you put in mind his
    Nigerian billionaire father.
    Well, besides his father’s mulla
    Davido rakes in millions for
    himself monthly. He is well
    known for his ostentatious
    lifestyle, a Sony Music act as
    well as Wizkid. Davido’s
    estimated net worth is N29
    Billion Naira.

  9. Comment: davido is best artiste so far. Davido money no be chies eh. Wizkid no touch davido nah.who be wizkid self, davido has bought his new private jet. No be for mouth. Wizkid no fit make case with davido mm money go finish eh. I saw picture of wizkid inside davidos jet. Wizkid just dey spread leg as if say na mm own.

  10. Comment:I think wizkid is richer Dan davido because they did not knw d amount of his house in los Angeles so they did not include it if they calculate everything wizkid is d u guys should stop blabbering and knw d boss.wizkid for life

  11. @zedzarvin ave one. .. The private jet you claimed is for Davido actually isn’t his, the private jet belongs to his father, so the only thing he needs to cruse with the jet is just “permission from Daddy yo” ehn sorry 😂 from Daddy”
    Research well b4 dropping shit as comments…. ❗ PEACE OUT ✌

  12. Comment: People Say P-square Are Duo But Don’t Forget That When You Divide The Money Into Two, One Person’s Share Will Still Be Above The Second Person Don Jazzy

  13. These guys are all fake. . Net worth bullshit. Dammy Krane just got busted for stealing credit card details and using it to book a private jet. These guys are make-believe charlatans. Fake all through. In15years time we will know the rich ones among them. Fake lifestyle fake everything.

  14. Come to think of it you guys don’t pray for you to be the number 1 richest make una rest na small the don be richest

  15. Na who make this list fuck that person when me small the Don they here psquare they are not richer than me A.K.A Small the Don

  16. I Think The List Is Ok, Atleast We Av Like Ten Balling Niccurs Weh Na Billi Billi Net Worth.
    Its gud 2 knw, bt wait o..? wer dem babes at? abi na fuck dem de cari their own bar involve?

  17. P’square remain the baba on top and also davido is more richer than wizkid…. I like them all but I really like falz rapping

  18. wizkid is davido father,if davido start like d way wiskid start from ghetto may be he will be like lil kesh or small doctor by now.dats d fact case close

  19. How did you guys come up with such figures such as their net worth? Did they share any form of financial information? Nigerians would believe anything on a blog. You mention billions like its your average sachet water? How much do you think they earn per show? I’m in the industry and I organise shows for these folks and I can tell you that only a few of them earn up to a million naira per show and they barely get 120 shows per year and the ones that do don’t get paid up to that 1 million naira per appearance, so where did all your figures come from?

  20. Brother which show do you organize ? these niggaz gat dough from different source both dirty and clean.
    They are probably pitying you that’s why they take what you can come up with. Flavour is my dude and his bill starts from 5million even for a birthday party. Broda they collect certain amount from you doesn’t mean that’s the way they collect it all the time… U BETA JA URSELF FOR STREET, MEN DEY HOT OOO.

  21. P’Square no longer together update this list please. Don Jazzy is the richest now 2018, I wonder position which the upcoming artist Peter( Mr. P) and Paul (Rude Boy) will be now, but all I know is that Don Jazzy is the richest and also D’banj is not suppose to be on that position again, things have change. “THUMBS UP” to Don Jazzy, “THUMBS UP” to Davido and THUMBS UP to Wizkid.

  22. P-square look at you now you money done decrease as you fight each other now so my advanced for you people you should stop fight your shelf you’re one okay

  23. Now that P Square is apart how would you rank them, who should be richer..?
    I feel wizkid is richer than Davido because of his most recent endorsements (Ciroc, Nike etc). Not too forget,Wizkid
    is the most marketable artiste in Africa as a whole.


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