Top 10 Notable Breakups in the Nigerian Music Industry


Top 10 Notable Breakups in the Naija Music Industry

Nothing seems to last for too long in this fast paced world where change has been said to be the only constant thing. Sadly though, changes of certain kinds are upsetting on the people involved and even observers of the ensuing drama. This brings us to the issue of popular music groups/collaborations “breaking up”.

We bring to you today a countdown of the top ten notable breakups in the Nigerian Music Industry climaxing with the most recent- that of everyone’s beloved Mo’hits crew.


Remedies– Comprising of the talented trio of rapper cum singer Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila and Eddy Remedy, this was one of the groups that defined the style now known as “Naija Hip Hop”. The Remedies was formed in 1997 and hit songs like “shakamo” and “omoge” endeared them to millions of people all over West Africa. The group split up in 1999 when the henchman of the crew, Eedris Abdulkareem decided to launch a solo career.

Eedris Abdulkareem’s solo career started off to a glistening start with the release of 3 successful albums with the Kennis Music label imprint between 2002 and 2004. His fortunes however took a downturn in 2004 after a fracas with the American rapper 50 cent. His subsequent album “King is Back” was released on his La Crème record label and he is still has a visible presence on the naija music scene.

Tony Tetuila also did very well on his own with smash hit songs like “omode meta”, I’m in love with 2 women”  and “my car” which became a street sensation. He has 5 albums to date.

The third member of the group Eddy Remedy was unfortunately not able to kick-start a successful solo career. He has an album “Leave Eddy Alone” to his credit.



Plantashun Boyz– This defunct group of 3 comprising of 2face, Faze and BlackFace needs no introduction, especially as one of them- 2face- has gone on to become a legend of African contemporary music. They released two albums, Body and Soul(2000) and Sold Out(2003) before going their separate  ways in 2004.

2face has since gone on to release 4 multiple award winning albums (Face 2 Face (2004), Grass 2 Grace (2006), The Unstoppable (2008) and The Unstoppable International Edition in 2010, bag numerous prestigious awards and nominations and become an Icon of Nigerian and African Music all over the world.

Faze has released three albums since- Faze Alone (2004), “Independent” which spawned several hit singles in 2006 and Originality (2008).

BlackFace has only one album to his credit. He also co-wrote 2face’s breakthrough single- African queen.

The Plantashun Boyz collaborated on a reunion album titled “Plan B” in 2007.



MaintainThe trio of Olu, Tolu and Bamo came to national prominence on the back of hit songs like “I catch cold” and “Nibo la wa gbe lo”. After six albums between 1998 and 2004, the group split up after the exit of Olu in 2005.

Olu Maintain went on to release two albums- “Yahooze/Maintain Reloaded” a successful effort which spawned the mega hit single, “Yahooze” and Kentro World(2009).

Big Bamo released a well-received album “popotiti” but since seems to have taken a leave from recording music.

Except from occasionally featuring in a few songs Tolu has not had a significant solo career since the breakup of Maintain.



Eedris Abdulkareem and Kennis MusicThe then number one Naija artiste parted ways with the premier record label after the 2004 scuffle between Eedris and 50 cent and it marked a significant change in the artiste’s career.  The artiste released his fourth album on his own La Crème imprint but has subsequently signed back with Kennis Music.



2face and Kennis MusicAfter a mutually beneficial relationship that gave birth to 2 award winning albums, 2face left Kennis Music without much ado in 2008. He has his own record label- Hypertek Entertainment.



Kelly Handsome and…. You Know Already JKelly Handsome came to national prominence with the release of his chart topping hit single Maga in 2007. Mr. Maga” left Kennis Music amidst a lot of controversy in 2010 and he has even been said to swear that he will never forgive Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye, the Kennis Music top men although he later tendered an apology. He released only one album (Too much money in 2008) on the Kennis records imprint.



9ice and Id Cabasa Not too long after the release of platinum selling album “Gongo Aso” in 2007,  9ice and longtime friend and producer Id Cabasa fell out due to settlement and payment issues. “Basorun Gaa” does not seems to have been slowed down by this as he has within a short while built up his own record label, released 3 successful albums and has even signed a few upcoming acts as well.

The singer and ace producer seems to be back on good terms of recent and it will be interesting to see if they will still work together in the studio.



KC PreshThe flashy duo of KC and Presh won the first edition of Star’s yearly musical contest, Star Quest in 2002. They went on to release 5 albums before going their separate ways in 2011.



Mo’Cheddah and Knighthouse– It caught us all by surprise when we heard a few weeks ago that Mo”Cheddah was leaving the record label which had brought her to limelight after just 1 album which had given her recognition all over the continent. Mo’Cheddah is yet to announce her new plans as regards a management deal or recording contract.



Mo’Hits RecordsPerhaps this should be titled D’Banj and Don Jazzy as the long term friends and associates have apparently made yet to be clearly announced changes in the structure of their record label. D’banj has 3 solo albums(No Long Thing(2005), Rundown/Funk U up(2006) and Entertainer in 2008). He also has 1 collaboration album with the other Mo’Hits artistes.



  1. Actually derz a difference between music groups breaking up n artistes leaving record labels…dnt tink u can group d 2 2geda. Bless up

  2. Whao 1 in all d breakup group really pained me alot d 1 of donjazzy nd dbanj is 2 awuful. Sori 4 d group.

  3. Break-ups…hmmm…it clearly shows dat some are talented and gifted within a group,And luck doesn’t shine on odas, dats y afta any break, some artists neva recover.and it hurts e.g Where is Blackface, Eddy Remedy etc cos these guys re blessed…we are waitin for wat next of d latest btw Dbanj nd Don jazzy.let’s see who luck wld run out of.

  4. Is quite unfortunate to hear about the split of Don jazzy and D banj. What is the faith of mo -hit nw and everyone that was signed under them. I pray for there reconcilliation.

  5. whoever that wrote this made a serious error. Blackface may nt b as successful as tuface and faze, bt black is dng very well. for ur info he has more album than tuface AND Faze. blackface first album was GHETTO CHILD, wth hit songs hardlife, b ur man, carry us, etc. The second album was EVERGREEN wth hits like ahead of the game, my body, goodlife, okpeke etc. The third album was JUNGLR FEVER, The forth album was ME MUSIC AND I wth hits like erema, wine am for me, the way u move ft terry g, if u leave me, etc. the fifth album was DANCEHALL BIZ wonderful alnum u need to listen to it. Blackface is more lyrical than any Nigerian hip hop dancehall artist in Nigeria. dis guy is a super singer and rapper,no wonder his fans call him baba. blackface is really keeping it real. I cant wait to lay my hands on is coming album DEFENDER.. listen to singles like; defender,blackman anthem(azonto), time, cant complain, dis luv is forever. Blackface yoh u too much. Baba u too much.


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