Top 10 Nigerian Gospel Artistes In 2020


The entire Nigerian music industry can be broadly categoried into two, one half is secular stream and the other is the gospel end of it. The secular stream in the past years seem to always overwhelm the gospel stream.

However, in the past few years, the gospel stream has stepped up massively in a bid to level the competition. Now in the gospel sector we have artistes churning hits with massive numbers in terms of streams and YouTube views. Sinach, a gospel singer, became the second or third Nigerian artiste to clock over 100 million on her music video before other secular artistes.

These days, Nigerian gospel artistes are influencial, well paid, host sold out concerts and more. We unveil our list of top gospel artistes in Nigeria.

Top 10 Nigerian Gospel Artistes In 2020



Born Osinachi Joseph, the Nigerian gospel singer came into limelight as a worship leader at Believers’ Loveworld Inc. aka Christ Embassy. Beyond being a worship leader in her church Sinach has been one of the most bankable gospel artistes in Nigeria over the past few years. Sinach makes you understand that being a gospel artiste can be really lucrative and you could also pull off huge numbers like the secular music acts. Sinach was the third Nigerian artiste to have grossed over a 100 million views on YouTube for her song ‘Way Maker. Her impact does not end with her immediate church but it’s global. 

Recently, YouTube gave her a plaque as she joined the small list of Nigerian who have over 1 million subscribers on her channel.



  1. Steve Crown is gathering streaming numbers on all digital stores, but he cannot compete his growing numbers with anybody on the list offline. Some hardly know his face including me until few weeks ago.

  2. I must commend the writer for a wonderful list compilation. From my own point of view, samsong deserve to be on this list because he has released a couple of good songs.

  3. this article was published on the 29 of March 2020
    and am here to drop a comment today the 22 of December 2020
    with due respect Frank Edward show be removed from that list and replaced with someone else, he drop a new song yes but no what the fans were expecting

    he has been good other years but 2020 is not his year

  4. “You are Yahweh is not a Steve crown original song
    This song was first sang by pastor Jerry Pedok many years ago
    Steve crown needs to always give credit to the original singer for songs he borrowed
    There is nothing wrong in singing another person’s song but courtesy demands he recognises the primary singer


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