The Top 10 Best Voices in Nigeria


Much of the music made in Nigeria, especially mainstream music is always mostly about the beats with very little attention paid to vocals. A quick recipe for cooking up a hit song around here is that artistes focus 70% of the time on the quality of the beat while other ingredients would take the back seat. Yet again, nobody pays attention to the voice component of a song.

Over the past few years, there has been a decline among musicians who take out time to give fans music which rides solely on vocal dexterity. In spite of the decline there are are few who still have an excellent mastery of their vocal skills and still put it to use.

We hope to highlight these endangered species of Nigerian musicians who can still work magic with their voices, the few whose voices can give you goosebumps.


If there is any Nigerian musician that can sing-sing, it has to be Waje. She has the best vocals in the industry hands down. The singer who hails from Edo State is such a delight to watch during a live performance, her vocal range is enviable. These days she might not be the toast of the town but she still got it anytime she handles the microphone to sing. Her debut album ‘W.A.J.E’ is easily a classic worth checking out any day.




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