The July Album Fest; May The Best Man Win


All things being equal, top three Nigerian music superstars Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid would drop an album each this July. ‘Made In Lagos’ from Wizkid, ‘A Better Time’ from Davido and Burna Boy with ‘Twice As Tall’.

Besides the top three, other Nigerian musicians would also try to fit in their projects in July, however, the majority of music fans around here are mostly interested in the albums from the top three champions.

Each of the top three has widely announced their project is dropping in the first month of the second half of the year.

For over two years now Wizkid has promised us the ‘Made In Lagos’ album and has failed to deliver without any consequence. Often times the Starboy raves about MIL and then abandons the subject totally like it was nothing personal, which hurts the fans. As a peace offering, he dropped an EP ‘Sound Man’ Vol. 1 last December to placate fans and keep them less angry while the anticipation for ‘Made In Lagos’ continues to drive them nuts.

Recently, Wizkid restored hope among his fans worldwide as he shared more details about his long-awaited MIL album. He shared specifics like those featured among whom are Burna Boy, Ella Mai, H.E.R, Damian Marley etc. That wasn’t enough to convince the fans that the project was dropping sooner than later until he mentioned a specific date for the album release, July 16. He has touted the forthcoming album as the best he ever made.

Burna Boy

Last year Burna Boy dropped a Grammy-nominated album in July, it only feels right to repeat the winning formula again for even more effect. The album from Burna Boy is dubbed ‘Twice As Tall‘ with emphasis on his gargantuan size, of course, he is called the African Giant. ‘Twice As Tall’ would hold lots of surprises for fans without a doubt.

Seven months after the release of his sophomore studio album, ‘A Good Time’ Davido eagerly wants to drop another project and he picked same July. He has been saying it for a while now and fans have come to believe the ‘1 Milli’ crooner is going to deliver on his promise. In fact, to show his level of seriousness the singer took a break off social media to focus and complete work on the album ‘A Better Time‘. The DMW boss promises this would be better than the last album and he too packs a lot of surprises for the fans.

While we all pray that Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy each drop an album this July, frankly speaking only the African Giant might actually deliver an album. The other two are big procrastinators.

Perhaps for his 30th birthday Wizkid might finally give us that ‘Made In Lagos’ album to celebrate him with.

Maybe to prove a point or two Davido would drop ‘A Better Time’ this July for his fans who actually miss his shenanigans on social media since he took a leave.

Then the July album fest is going to be a race about whose album gets the most streams, whose album has the best replay value and whose album tops the rest with every criterion available. The fans of each superstar would have materials to troll opposing fans in the case one or the other artiste flops.

Who would have the best album in July and by extension the best album this year?

Which album are you backing for success, ‘Made In Lagos’, ‘A Better Time’ or ‘Twice As Tall’?

The race to deliver a quality album and one deserving a Grammy nod begins, may the best man win.

Whose Album Will Be The Best?
Wizkid – Made In Lagos
Davido – A Better Time
Burna Boy – Twice As Tall
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