The Stark Difference Between YBNL Leader Olamide and His Artiste Adekunle Gold

adekunle gold and olamide

Definitely,  Olamide has been one huge inspiration to many Nigerian youths out there. His story is the type that makes you believe that almost anything is achievable if you go after it with grit and fervour. Everyone likes to hear that sort of “Started from the bottom now we here” stories. Fact remains Olamide has made the bad and outrageous the new cool. Like he and his fans will say “street ti take over“, believe me the street is pushing the boundaries. Many eulogies to Olamide.

Adekunle Gold on the flip side share some similarities. He is one guy that has played a huge role in massively converting a subtle genre of music to mainstream hits. Now songs like “Aduke”, “Love Don’t Care“, “Love Me” are hits blazing the trail of Adekunle’s debut hit  song “Sade“.

You can’t really be wrong if u say Olamide is a father to Adekunle Gold. Though the former cannot biologically father the latter,  but hence it is true in the music scene; egbon Olamide is an OG. There is a popular aphorism that purports “like father like son” mbok I beg to differ. A son will not always be like a father, difference go dey.

Both artists have gone to garner enviable success and momentum in the Nigerian music industry. Albeit each took a different route.

These are some observed disparities between Olamide and Adekunle Gold.

Choice of Music/Genre

Olamide is firstly an indigenous rapper who has only recently tilted very much to being a pop singer. Being a pop singer is like the surest way to make hits in Nigeria though. The YBNL honcho basically raps in his Yoruba dialect and perhaps sings when “the spirit leads”.

Meanwhile Adekunle Gold music inclination tends to alternative, soul and R&B. Adekunle’s music oozes that softness and soul in it. His Boss Olamide is nothing like that, he is on the more pop rap side of things. I believe this contrast is one reason Olamide is not anywhere on Adekunle Gold’s debut album.

Personal Branding and Image

Olamide commands a gangster and street king persona. The “Konkobility” crooner epitomizes the street, razz, outrageous, taboos, and refreshingly honest in a weird way. He is about that life and he is unapologetic; Almost 2pac like. The lyrics of his songs are typical of the street and ghetto which he acknowledges as his background. There  are numerous lyrics and songs in his discography that buttress his streetwise status.  Adekunle Gold seems to be the most coolheaded male in YBNL. His overall package conveys simplicity and depth. Going by his musical releases you can tell Adekunle Gold is more humane. He is the YBNL lover boy no argument.

Blatant Use Of Profanity and Vulgar Lyrics

You can’t successfully disassociate Olamide’s lyrics from carrying debris of vulgarity. Taboos, lewdness,  unrestrained exuberance are characteristics of his songs. “Mo ti mu dongoyaro, dongoyaro, dongoyaro/And monkey tail, monkey tail, monkey tail”  from his “Story for the gods” song. Other songs fall comfortably in this group like “Falila Ketan”, Parental Advisory is compulsory. Adekunle Gold does not tread same paths with his boss. His lyrics are void of radio edits, and your kids  can be safe with Adekunle Gold’s album. The latter seems to take more time to craft his lyrics better than his boss.

Music Videos and Storyline

As you would probably expect music videos from Olamide are more likely than otherwise scripted to have a party-esque kind of vibe and feel. Very enormous and flagrant displace of body skin. A lot of booty shaking by video vixens,  the constant feature of the infamous “red” cup – who knows the content – and several risque behaviours. Adekunle is the story teller, this skill is elaborately captured in music videos. I am yet to see any of Adekunle Gold’s music video with a party hard demeanor.

Adekunle Gold’s impact so far in the Nigerian music industry is a sign that Nigerians are gradually listening to more carefully crafted songs not just dope beats from a “wicked producer”. It signals that you can still earn enviable success by going against the norm of lousy and party type music.


  1. shebi na yhu sabi differenciate bah???
    lyf is all abt choice… wah u myt lyk, myt nt freak me. so??? Ur write ups get hard feelings

  2. Nice article. I loved how you compared their different characteristics. It shows that you can be a fan of both despite how different they are.

  3. abeg make una tell olamide make him no dey form rapper because he gat nothing to offer or to say,rapper where dey sing like mumu and davido try make you dey make sense at times

  4. Olamide is an epitome of reward of hard work, for him it is not sudden but grassroot nurture.
    Gold has good calm content “aruwo ko ni music” its and infusion of ballads.
    Nevertheless, they are both pride of Nigeria.


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