Is Seyi Shay Acting Dumb On Purpose?


A few months ago, a viral video circulated online of Nigerian music star and Pepsi ambassador Seyi Shay answering a trick question by pulseNG VJ @Chueychu where she blooped and we all had a good laugh. Fast forward to her HipTV interview where she made another blunder over the meaning of EP, (something every musician who started music in their mother’s womb should know by the way) and we had another round of laughs.

There were controversies as to her intent and if she did it on purpose or she is totally oblivious of what the term means. Well, we all know how that ended and she went to instagram to further shoot herself in the foot. Now let’s fast forward one more time to last night.

Nigerian twitter went HAM on her after a twitter user posted a video of the beautiful singer where she made comments on the ownership of Drake’s number one song, One Dance. The song features Nigerian superstar Wizkid on it. Seyi Shay went ahead to state that the song was originally done by Wizkid and then he gave it to Drake. Of course, WizKid came out immediately to deny it, and we all know the aftermath of this story online which brings us to this. One has to wonder though if Seyi Shay acts dumb in the general public on purpose or could it be she’s unaware how this affects her brand in the long run?

Firstly, it’s not in her place to talk about information the artists concerned didn’t put out there. I’m sure if Wizkid (who denied her claims by the way) wanted the world to know, he would have said something by now since Drake’s VIEWS album has been on number one on the charts for seven weeks in a row. The first artist to achieve that feat since Eminem in 2000 by the way. You don’t come on a show to give inside information when you should concentrate on your own camp. Even if it is true.

Seyi Shay talks too much and she has mastered the art of missing the point on most of her interviews and this should concern her team. You don’t allow your client shoot herself in the foot every time and end up having her brand associated with being associated with unseriousness and stupidity. How can you keep doing this to yourself only to come up with excuses at different points in time for your folly?

Seyi, we are tired and I’m sure even if any publicity is good publicity, this is actually a bad thing for your brand to be associated with. Kids drink Pepsi, they see you on billboards and look up to you, you shouldn’t be synonymous with not being bright. We see your work, we see your moves and they are great. However, I must tell you, keep doing more music and please try to talk less.


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