Readers Choice: Top 10 Hottest Women in Nigerian Entertainment 2013


As we earlier stated when we dropped the 15 hottest women in Nigerian Entertainment, we’d provide the top 10 hottest women in Nigerian entertainment as voted on by you guys the readers. The results are somewhat interesting, but not entirely unexpected. We wont rewrite the summaries as we’ve done that already before.

So let’s get right into it. In order of votes received:


10. Lola Rae

You when you were a kid, and you would have posters of those women that you just thought were the best creations ever. Lola Rae reminds us of one of those. She has that ‘almost out of this world’ beauty. The Half-Nigerian, Half British singer made an appearance in Ice Prince video, More, and had a lot of people picking their mouths off the floor.

She does great herself in the music scene with her singles Watch My Ting Go, and Fimile (featuring Iyanya) doing pretty well so far. You add the British accent to her package and you know Lola Rae can conveniently walk into any man’s life without resistance. I mean who can turn that down.




9. Chidinma

Ms Kedike lori speaker! Chidinma has continued to ooze out high doses of sexy and swag (sorry I had to use it) over the past year, and she’s a long way removed from the “innocent” looking girl that won Project Fame West Africa a few years ago.

The talent is clearly there, her vast wardrobe keeps her looking hot whether she’s rocking urban gear, going with the traditional look, or going for class. Whichever way you want am, Chidinma fit do am, and she’ll do it better that most.

And that short hair cut? Boy oh Boy! She’s stay killing it with that look. Probably the most unique of beauties you’d find in Nigerian entertainment. You really cant say anyone is like her.



8. Osas Ighodaro

*Takes a deep breathe* I actually hadn’t heard too much of Osas until she was introduced as the host of Maltina Dance All, and mehn, some men will not sleep well if they attend the taping of that show o. Do the dancer concentrate well?

She was introduced to the cast of Tinsel after making the shift from the US to Nigeria and the former Miss Black USA 2010 has completely dazzled fans anytime she’s seen. She’s gorgeous, very well spoken, and very stylish.

For those that don’t know who she is, now you know.



7. Toolz

You can call her the second coming of Omotola, with the pretty face and curvy figure. Not too much has changed from last year to this year, and Toolz still has a shape that will make a grown man cry real tears of joy.

The brains is still there, and the packaging just keeps on upgrading as she’s hosting ndaniTV’s The Juice along with being one of the most listened to On Air Personalities at 99.9 The Beat FM. Come rain or sunshine she’s still one of the hottest in Nigeria.



6. Agbani Darego

12 years have past since this beauty became the first black Miss World (2001), and she is still able to hold her own when it comes to complete true beauty. In addition to her ever present grace, and beauty she’s upgraded even more and transformed into an even more elegant and classier version of herself. Not saying she wasn’t before, but while others might take a step down, she’s taken a step up.

Simply put, she’s like fine wine… You know the rest.



5. Eva Alordiah

Until a few weeks ago you would’ve been able to place Eva Alordiah’s kind of beauty is specific category, but then she shared pictures where she was wearing traditional and gele and boys are like “How many kind ‘finess’ can one person have sef?”

It’s sometimes easy to look past her beauty because of everything else she brings to the table (talent on the mic, makeup skills, style, and being down to earth), but make no mistake, when she does decide to go “girly” on us, she can intimidate even the prettiest of beauty queens.




4. Muna

No offense to all the recent MBGN winners, but Muna puts them to shame, especially when you consider how long ago she won it (2007). But it’s not just about the looks with her. Her style, presentation and confidence is unrivaled really.

Some things are just constant in life. The sky is blue, the world will end, and Muna will stay hot until she doesn’t want again, and maybe after that sef. It’s just something you can’t argue with.



3. Tiwa Savage

Miss Savage if you nasty. Oh wait… Mrs Savage-Billz. Sorry Oga. Tiwa Savage and sexy go hand in hand, like Rice & Stew, Aki & Paw-Paw, Beans & Dodo. Ok you get the point. Tiwa Savage combines beauty and talent so well it’s almost sickening.

In a very weird way also, Tiwa Savage is one of the few ladies that can switch up the look and persona on any given occasion and still look dazzling. Good girl innocent look? Check. Bad girl I’ll tear your shirt look? Check. Let’s go for my aunty’s 50th birthday look? Check. She makes it too easy.



2. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

They don’t call her Omosexy for nothing. Over the past year, Omotola has been buzzing all over the place. Red carpet both home and abroad, movies, International TV appearances and much more. One thing you gotta love Omotalo for is her figure, and more importantly her ability to maintain that figure as the years have gone by, and with 4 kids. Anyone will tell you it’s not beans.

Along with her A+ acting, her cute face, Omotola’s other selling point gotta be those curves. Na die finally!


*drum roll*



1. Genevieve Nnaji

It’s almost as if Genevieve has completely refused to age. And you can argue that she gets hotter with age, but either way you look at it, you can put her on a line up with girls 10 years younger than her, and she’ll still be in the cream of the crop. No agism here people. Admit it, you either envy Genevieve’s looks or you want your wife to age like her. Just accept.


Well there you have it folks. The readers spoke and they have voted Genevieve Nnaji as THE hottest woman in Nigerian Entertainment. Do you agree? It’s hard to argue against it really considering the full package of looks, style, sex appeal, confidence, charisma, and overall likability.

The top 10 hottest women in Nigerian Entertainment.


  1. Jaguda of life 🙂 una like better tin o. Figure 8 the Toolz. Please I need Toolz for a roll in my coming movie

  2. Eva shouldn’t be on the list jor. Top 10? Nah… And nse should’ve replaced Lola Rae… Nobody knows who she is


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