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 Charly Boy
Charly Boy

A soul mate marriage does not at all mean that you have found someone
you match up with on all the cards – on all the issues, on everything.
That would be the most deadly dull thing to even imagine. Instead, it
means you’ve found someone and they don’t ever want to blow out that
little light inside you. And you feel the same way about them.

Growing up, seeing my dad and my mum play the happy couple,  holding
hands, stealing kisses made marriage look so easy and beautiful,
hummmm for where. Don’t get it twisted, I have seen them argue and
quarrel as if they couldn’t stand each other, but the next minute,
they were back to their normal routine of holding hands and stealing
kisses even till my father passed on at 97. Parents shouldn’t really
worry that children never listen to them, they should worry that they
are always watching them. I have always had my reservations about
happy ever after, especially after 3failed marriages. I have always
wondered how two strangers can be together for 40yrs, and guess what?
I just woke up to discover that I have been with the same woman, the
same smell, the same F..k, the same routine for the past 36yrs, damn!
Someone form another background, home training, different ideology,
IQ, so many other things different if not all.

When you are not yet married, people give you reasons why you should
get married, as if one could just go to the shop and pick a spouse off
the shelf. Even if that was the case, how do you know what you are
buying until you take it home? They tell you everything good about
marriage and how interesting it can be, but they never promote the
down side.

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 Charly Boy
Charly Boy


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