Raw Onugbu: Show Me The Money! Nobody Cares About Your Struggles!


It used to be so funny hearing nothing goes for nothing; but apparently, it is so not funny now that I’ve experienced the bitter side of that saying.

We all know how flooded Lekki could be during the rainy seasons right? So while going to work one faithful day, i witnessed a woman get stuck in the mud- had she known that zones well, she’d never have taken that particular route. Anyway, what really got me was; seeing two young boys smoking that early in the morning and saying , “ahhh madam you go tey for there ooo, drop something make we push that car commot.” Meaning, madam you’d spend a lot of time there trying in vain, give us money and we’d help you out.

A WOMAN not a lady, a lady shouldn’t be treated that way of course; but it is easier to endure knowing most men erroneously assume that every young lady have men throwing money at them as they walk by; which encourages every tout to demand for monetary returns from ladies before lending a helping hand. I honestly thought there were limits to these demands; in fact, i would have assumed that- on seeing a mother stuck, helping out wouldn’t need a second thought. Boy! was i wrong!!!

Has poverty and deprivation of even basic amenities, eaten so deep into our skins that our consciences are seared?

Things as little as helping a brother jumpstart his car, letting people going the same route as you ride with you, feeding a hungry person etc…. seems almost impossible to come by. It is not funny! It’d bad enough we have to labour daily, endure electricity blackouts and sickness that should be extinct, endure extortion for parking spaces et el…. dealing with people without sound conscience is just the height.
Don’t read this and go… yea.. people are so wicked! What better way to bring about change than starting with the man in the mirror??

Next, i’d write about Boys living on ladies earnings…..


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